Member of the election Committee of Khimki deprived of immunity because of pornokartinki

In a criminal case a member of the election Commission of the Moscow region of Khimki, who else is in the Communist party, there are new episodes of molestation of minor girls. While it turned out that the victims of 31-year-old men were three teenagers from 13 to 14 years, with whom he led many years an intimate correspondence and made dissolute actions.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, investigators believe that in addition to not very active in political activities (party colleagues were not even able to remember it), head of engineering design Bureau “Fakel”, and more engaged in crime. Here he showed more enthusiasm. Presumably, in the summer of 2013, a young member of the Communist party met in a social network in two 13-year-old resident of the Moscow region. Being aware of the age of the Schoolgirls, the man, however, engaged them in conversation on sexual themes, and later began to send dozens of photos of their genitals. And frivolous videos.

However, this man did not stop. According to investigators, in the spring of 2016, the engineer found another victim in the world wide web. He met 14-year-old Muscovite became corrupt through the Internet. About the incident, the parents of the teenager only found out two years later and immediately reported to law enforcement. Close friends still can’t believe the young man could be evil inclinations:

“He’s a good kid, but lately were sad and complained about loneliness and fatigue life”, – shared with “MK” one of his buddies.

The investigative Committee in Moscow opened against a member of the election Committee criminal case under several articles of the criminal code – “Sexual intercourse and other sexual acts with a person under sixteen years of age” “sexual abuse” and “Illicit manufacturing and trafficking of pornographic materials or subjects”.

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