The dead stewardess An-148: “Flying is much more interesting than sitting in the office»

Friends and relatives of victims of accident of plane A-148 tell about those lost forever. The list of the dead 29-year-old stewardess Anastasia Slavinskaya. In the post flight attendants she worked for six years and, according to his friends, loved to fly.

Here is what a friend of hers.

The dead stewardess.

When she first started working as a flight attendant, I asked her if she is not scared to fly? But Nastya said that it is much more interesting than sitting five days of the week in the office.

It is known that not so long ago Anastasia came out of the decree. And the last entry on the page of the girls was almost prophetic post about communicating with God.

“You had so much time, why don’t you have time to pack? Lord, well, because I was lying all this time…”- such an entry on your page Anastasia left on January 27.

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