The lack of icing fluids as the cause of the accident: it was in Tyumen

According to some reports, the crashed An-148 has not been treated with deicing liquid. Allegedly, he is the aircraft commander refused to do so. This information “MK” commented one of the senior representatives of the aviation industry.

A frame from the video.

– The commander may decide to handle the vessel with fluid or not, but in principle, it still must look and ground services. A similar situation was during the Tyumen disaster 20212. When the ATR 72-201 aircraft of the airline UTair was making a regular flight UTA120 on the route Tyumen—Surgut, but 42 seconds after takeoff, crashed to the ground 16 km West of Tyumen. From on Board were 43 people (39 passengers and 4 crew members) died on the 31, 12 have survived and were hospitalized. In the final MAK report later stated: “the Immediate cause of the crash was the adoption of the FAC decision on the flight without holding icing… which led to the deterioration of the aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft and its stall in the climb after takeoff, and prepoznaje the crew exit the aircraft at the stall”. This is very similar to what happened now. In my opinion, in this weather we should all be required to get to handle the aircraft must be instructed about the mandatory treatment. And as far as I know, no. And the commander could abandon it because of savings for your airline. Although this treatment only costs about 20 thousand rubles.

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Watch the video on:
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