To the toilet — help: Moscow teacher taught a lesson shamelessly

In Lyceum №1795 Eastern administrative district of Moscow, the children were forbidden to go to the toilet during the lesson. In order to make exceptions to this rule, the required document is a medical certificate.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

The public would suspect a strange malice of the Moscow Department of education, which would prohibit the use of latrines during lessons in all schools, but it turned out that the Department has nothing to do with it. And even the Director of the Lyceum said that is not relevant to this decision: according to her, this order is the initiative of one of the student leaders.

As reported by the parents, at the Lyceum was a memo circulated that said that the way out of class “in need” during a lesson is only possible on the basis of a certificate confirming that the child is not able to endure for 45 minutes. Parents asked to warn children that use of the toilet should change.

Director of the Moscow Lyceum №1795 Valentine Setagawa announced that the leadership has nothing to do with the emergence of this memo and apologized to my parents for misinformation.

– I as the Director of the school claim that this situation will be reviewed, such evidence of misconduct on the part of staff will not happen again,” she said. – In fact the distribution of illegal and false information one of the student leaders of the school No. 1795 held an internal investigation… Reminder this is incompetent, and to be guided it is not necessary.

And as for such a requirement include the other school teachers? This is what we asked the teachers themselves.

“Stupid and cruel demand, says elementary school teacher Olga Sergeeva. – Children often forget to go to the toilet at recess, you can play too or distracted by something. But the lesson I really needed. And that should not release? But if the child does not suffer? Imagine how much it expects the ridicule! The same, however, as someone who will bring such a statement. The whole class immediately become aware that once it is let out of the lesson for the toilet — so he “piss-the-bed”, incontinent. I don’t understand why the teacher to provoke classmates into bullying!»

As a teacher of Russian language and literature with 42 years of experience Irina Aseeva believes that this memo is designed to cunning high school students could not escape a critical moment: “Many times this happened — the student is not ready for the lesson and is afraid that it will cause to the Board. At the time when the survey asks to leave. This is immediately evident — when needed “urgently to leave”… I knew this trick and just said — well, she’ll be back, but first answer. It was enough that such tricks immediately stopped. Well, if a person is really a health problem in this area or just impatient (it happens), he certainly should be allowed to go without any issues. Otherwise, we will just show the kids an example and shamelessly unethical. That way soon to the child and to scratch the lesson will not be without help!»

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