Visiting clubs will no longer depend on the wealth of parents

Give way to children’s talents, even in low-income families will allow the mechanism of individualised funding. The authors of the project “Equal opportunities for children” onf plan to legislate a system by which children can obtain certificates with a certain amount in the account, allowing them to regularly attend classes and courses, both in the public and private educational organizations. To act these certificates will be prior to the age of the child, and the amount allocated for additional education, will depend on the budget of each individual region.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The need for such innovations confirmed the results of prior studies: according to them, parents of children who do not have access to education, often simply do not have the financial ability to send children to these classes. And the more children the lower the probability that they will be able to engage in interesting activities.

In 9 regions, now there is the testing of the system: the parents of the child with a certificate are permitted to access personal account, whose funds are sold through personal study, in which they enter the number of the certificate – explains a member of the Central headquarters of the onf and project coordinator Lyubov Dukhanina. – After selecting a program from a single Navigator, the system generates a contract, which defines all the conditions and the procedure for the transfer of funds from the certificate to the organization dopobrazovaniya. Monthly certificate will be charged for the classes. If the parents decide to change the club, they can terminate the contract and conclude a new one, and then the money the child will be sent in a new organization.

At the moment a pilot version of the system of personalized financing is already used by more than 39 thousand children. According to the authors of the project, up to 600,000 parents will have the opportunity to pay an additional child education, and about 1,500,000 children will be able to develop in their chosen direction. And educational organizations in the fight for the audience, there is healthy competition that will push them to development and updating.

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