“We cannot exclude the worst”: what do you think about Ukraine on the crash of An-148

The crash of An-148 in the suburbs could not generate one more traditional in recent years, the version of the causes of the emergency — a terrorist. Hardly in this case it is appropriate to talk about the intervention of fighters from the Middle East. But An-148 is a Ukrainian plane, and almost the only strong thread linking the two once-friendly countries. Technical and criminal attack dismantled observer “MK”.

A frame from the video.

There was an explosion. And the smoke of a great

From Domodedovo to Orsk aircraft with tail number RA-61704 flew in 14.21, a slight delay — due to bad weather the schedule has long been not observed (by the way, in the morning the plane had to fly to Saratov and back). The rise was held staff, the commander of the crew was allowed to gain altitude. But 15 minutes later the plane disappeared from radar screens.

At the density that exists now in the vicinity of the capital, the collapse of the liner can easily cause destruction on earth. But the plane as the flights of “Dagestan airlines” and airline “Pulkovo”, fell away from the houses.

— I left the house at the time of the disaster. And suddenly heard the sky roar. Looked up, the sky is red, even through a snowstorm to be seen. Terribly there.

A girl of 13 poiavitsia from fear.

We heard the explosion, when sitting at home. The house rocked… so good. Ran out into the street. Saw the big smoke. But it was snowing hard, so we really saw nothing.

Another local resident saw a little more:

— He was falling and spinning. Falling and spinning. Very terrible sight. But we only saw the plane, the helicopter is not seen.

The first information plane crashed postal service. The second airliner collided with a mail helicopter. Perhaps this is due to the discovery at the crash site: a lot of letters in the wreckage. But, most of all, correspondence was on Board the An-148.

Work at the accident site was very difficult: by evening, the snow increased. It was obvious that the collection and study of the wreckage will be delayed until Monday.

Plane difficult fate

An-148 – machine difficult fate. And all because it was created in one of the best, CB “Antonov” in Kiev, and was built in Russia. This occurred at a time when relations between the two countries was not the best. Defense industry and our General plane — it was the very thin thread that held us together.

Whatever was up with people in Ukraine and Russia, which was still together, who built the aircraft, so that these machines could be born. As soon as they got out, trying to Dodge the blunt of the blows of the politicians!

I remember standing on the runway of the aircraft plant in Voronezh, where the An-148 flew for the first time, the Director of the aircraft plant told me how difficult it was to negotiate with aviacionnoe on the division of ownership of the project between Russia and Ukraine, so you can produce and there and there. He proudly said that now 100% of its ownership belongs to Russia and so Ukraine. This means that we can do to build this airplane and do not depend on the vagaries of the Ukrainian bureaucrats.

The result of the way it was. In Voronezh in 2003 began preparations for serial production. The first plane assembled in Russia took to the skies in 2009 in July and in December 2009 an-148 has fulfilled its first commercial flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back. I flew on this flight and I remember the amazement the first passengers, saw a neat cozy cabin full of journalists. Impressions from the first flight were very good.

But how else? Because this machine was designed according to the most modern requirements. His design features – aerodynamic configuration cantilever high wing with the new wing of moderate sweep. The engines are located high off the ground, which improves protection of the engine and wing from damage by foreign objects during takeoff, and thus increases safety when using the aircraft on pebble, ground, ice and even snow-covered runway. In fact, this machine has the ability to take off and land on any airfields, i.e., it has a great level of reliability in operation.

Moreover, the creation of the An-148 was taken into consideration that in today’s world, the cases of aviatrissa and cases of airplane hijacking. Therefore, the designers have provided and developed a range of measures to ensure aviation security. Plane an-148 is equipped with bullet-proof doors for aircraft crew to crew communications with cabin crew equipped with device of radio and video communication. To monitor the state of security in the salon is also equipped with video cameras. In the cockpit a special place for storing weapons and ammunition. Provided in the aircraft camouflaged approaches and anti-theft devices. To block suspicious devices found on Board the plane, arranged in a special place.

Read the story: “the Hat of the mushroom”: eyewitnesses said the explosion in the crash of An-148

However, complete protection will still, as they say, does not exist. Anyway, as for this flight, a number of familiar pilots still do not exclude the possibility of an explosion on Board. One of the current pilots, said the “MK” next:

Already found a lot of strange facts. First, they say that the crew is not out, and eyewitnesses claim they saw the falling burning plane, which may mean an explosion.

Second, the moment of impact, the plane was supposed to be approximately one kilometer and several times to communicate at different frequencies and with different controllers. However, according to preliminary data, was nothing like that.

Thirdly, judging by the staff from the scene of the tragedy, pieces of the plane scattered in different places. And when the plane crashes itself, this does not happen, the wreckage lay, as a rule, in one place. This may mean that structural failure occurred in the air, and not the time it hit the ground, which also indirectly indicates the possibility of an explosion on Board.

Oil? Chassis? Bang?

However, there is another version. It concerns an unscheduled inspection of the Management of state aviation supervision and supervision of ensuring transport security in the Volga Federal district Federal service for supervision in the transport sphere of the enterprise — the owner of this aircraft (the document is available to the MK).

Information on the audit indicates a number of defects associated with violation of aviation rules and operation of the vessel. But they are rather insignificant.

In particular there claim is to “the form and order of issuing the document confirming the compliance of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out the maintenance of civil aircraft”… There “does not reflect the order of registration of the coupon date, as required by Federal aviation regulations. There is no approved form of coupon date”…

See photo essay on the topic:

The wreckage of the An-148 swept a kilometer: footage from the scene of the crash

13 photos

In addition, the “revealed the fact of violation of the periodicity of replacement of oil in gearbox and filter wash the air starter SV-36-1 on the aircraft An-148-100B n RA-61704. The frequency of oil changes and wash the filter in accordance with the maintenance program shall be 375 flight hours. This form is performed with a frequency of 750 hours.”

However, comments identified in the course of this test, it is hardly possible to refer to such, which could affect the safety of flights And 148, since they in osnovnom says: “not framed production and rapid number-specific documentation, not an official act”, “not recorded in the forms of engines the results of the execution of works”… All this, of course, irregularities, but they can not be the cause of the accident.

A “MK” got a list of minor problems that occurred on this vessel. It is very impressive. Here are a few excerpts.

28 June 2010. When flying from St. Petersburg to Moscow was a failure of the generator of the right engine. The crew carried out a return to the aerodrome of departure. The reason is the flawed design of the product to operate.

16 Aug 2010 When flying from St. Petersburg to Moscow had not removed all landing gear, after running out of fuel and landing in Pulkovo airport safely.

20 Nov 2010. When flying from St. Petersburg to Arkhangelsk when taxiing from the Parking lot in a/p Pulkovo there was a refusal control front landing gear.

15 Dec 2010. When flying from Kaliningrad to St. Petersburg during the landing approach in automatic mode, at an altitude of 500 meters there was a spontaneous increase of the engine thrust, which resulted in a missed approach.

And so on. And the like. But if “ownership” of the chassis to the collapse of the liner can not speak, frequent failures of motors suggestive.

Again, it is impossible not to recall the previous catastrophe of the plane An-148 7 years ago, in the Belgorod region. Then the machine killed the pilots from Myanmar, conducted a test flight. But the circumstances are very similar: also for 10-15 minutes after takeoff, one engine failure, the destruction of the machine in the air. It was found that the pilots inadvertently increased speed dramatically (as much as 110 kilometers per hour), and simply drove “An”. Could given the snowstorms and wind can something like this happen yesterday in the suburbs?

We got in touch with their friends by specialists from the former Kiev Bureau “Anoto” and talk to them (their names, for obvious reasons is not called).

This tragedy we perceived as their own, considering the catastrophe of the An-148 as a loss of their own child. While it is difficult to say exactly what could happen, but if the plane disappeared from radar after 7 minutes, it’s not the takeoff is a critical moment for any plane – and it was already time up. And if, as claimed, the plane just disappeared from radar, that is, quickly and directly, we cannot exclude the worst of the explosion. If the plane began to fall from that height, the pilots probably would have had something to say to the dispatchers. We do think about it… Now to accuse or aircraft, or pilots impossible… If it’s just denial of something, it could lead to disaster.

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