Witness, first appeared on the scene of the crash: “Lay on parts»

“MK” was able to talk with a local resident, first appeared on a place of wreck of plane An-148 in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region. According to him, the version of collision of the aircraft with a helicopter is not confirmed. The letters found at the crash site, was originally located on Board flying from Moscow to Orsk.

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My name is Konstantin Pivovarov. I left home when I heard the explosion. We immediately ran to the place. The snow there was a lot at the knee.

– What did you see there?

– Saw the wreckage. He was yellow in color. Went on, saw the corpse of a man, then went further and saw another dead body. Then I saw the jacket of the pilot. Saw the broken tree, the wreckage was.

– Dead bodies preserved?

– No, they were in parts. The head alone was lying, although it is possible to say that the head wasn’t there. Legs separately lay. Three people we saw, only men.

– What debris you saw?

– Wing saw. Some part, they all were destroyed. Scattered fragments of two kilometers. The turbines were scattered from a plane, right next to the houses were. The nose of the aircraft there were.

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– And the letters you saw?

Emails littered, everywhere was scattered.

– Some traces of the presence of another aircraft noticed?

– No. Only part of the plane.


According to the tax authorities, the company “Saratov airlines” appeared in 1994. Since the carrier carries out regular and Charter flights in Russia, CIS and far abroad. Most liners on the balance sheet — the An-148-100. License for transportation of, the company all right, the latest issued in 2014 indefinitely.

However, the problems with the auditors rostransnadzora do pilots have. One only 2017 inspectors found 10 violations. In addition, the “Saravia” a frequent guest in the courts of arbitration. The largest claim, the airmen received in 2011. The plaintiffs demanded from the carrier more than 11 million rubles. As indicated in the court decision, the airline did not pay for services for maintenance and preflight checks of his aircraft at the airport of Vladikavkaz. However, according to the tax authorities, the financial position of the company is very stable. So, for 2016, its net profit amounted to 152 million rubles. Moreover, in the list of business partners in Saratov carrier such respectable institutions as the Ministry of defense and the health Ministry of the Saratov region. Security forces in November concluded with “Saravia” a few government contracts for military transport. Officials of social security — on the transfer of children for the period of the summer tourist campaign in 2017. Another solid contractor — Novokuznetsk drama theatre. He hired aircraft for the carriage of their artists on tour. However, probably the most unexpected source of income aviators — production of oil. However, not aircraft, and olive.

CEO — Alexey vakhromeev. And among the founders — known in the 90 years the politician Arkady Evstafiev, shot to fame a man with a box from the copier during the tumultuous presidential elections in Russia in 1996.

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The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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