In a village near the crash site of the plane only to miss spelled there

The scene of the tragedy in Ramensky district of Moscow region, where yesterday crashed the plane An-148, continue to arrive machine intelligence, reports from the scene, our correspondent. Continually migrate through the village between stepantsevo car emergency, Tsentrospas, “ambulance”, the Investigative Committee.

photo: Catherine Gabel

Participants in the operation noted that due to the large radius of scattering of debris, the search operation will take about a week. Now the weather is clear, visibility more than 9 miles. Search operations are in full swing.

Local residents said that they were asked not to remove the process of rescue works. Through the village pass only those registered.

Watch the video on:
“On a place of wreck of An-148 drove the machinery: video»


The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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