In Irkutsk, found the body of Deputy head of the local administration of the Federal penitentiary service

Deputy chief UFSIN across the Irkutsk region Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Shevchenko was found dead in the garage of his house. In the car found a note: “In my death I ask nobody to blame”.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The tragedy occurred on February 12 in Irkutsk in microdistrict Birch-40, where in a private house of Shevchenko lived with his wife. Young (he was then 36 years old) Lieutenant Colonel office of the Deputy chief UFSIN across the region received last summer. In General, in the prison system for almost 15 years, walked all the way from Junior inspector.

The alarm sounded subordinates when the Manager had not responded to calls and they had to postpone some important meetings scheduled for Monday. At about 7am, the wife found the body hanging on a beam slab roof. Arrived on the scene the investigation team of signs of violence was found. But I found a note. According to one version, the cause of the tragedy could be discord with his wife (children the couple were not).

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