In the TFR have revealed the first details of the fall of An-148 in the suburbs

The investigative Committee of Russia has denied the information that yesterday the crashed aircraft an-148 began to fall apart in the air. The Ministry said that the airliner broke apart in the collision with the ground.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“It is established that at the moment of impact the aircraft was in integrity, without the fire. The explosion occurred after the crash”, – TASS quoted the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

Before mass media reported with reference to eyewitnesses that the cotton and the fire in the plane allegedly occurred back in the air. Put forward the version that the epicentre could become one of the engines of An-148.

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The CCJ said that while they found the flight data recorder. “Black box” which recorded the conversations of the crew, still searching.

Watch the video on:
“The time of the crash of An-148 aircraft got on the video: visible fire plume»

Note that before the crash the crew did not report to the ground about any problems on Board. In the crash killed 65 passengers and six crew members. The aircraft had to perform flight from Moscow to Orsk in Orenburg region.

It is known that the day before this aircraft was inspected in Penza, two technicians of the company “Saratov airlines”, both at the time of the accident were on Board the plane.

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