Investigators caught the pervert who raped a student 15 years ago

15 years it took investigators to find the rapist, who raped a young woman in the East of the capital. The villain made his disgusting act directly on the birthday of the unfortunate.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

As it became known “MK”, the crime was committed in October 2003 in one of the houses on the street in Chelyabinsk. Julia (name changed) at dinner time came back from the Institute where she studied Finance profession. That day the girl was 20 years old, and she was looking forward to the occasion. School fellow students gave her gifts, and his parents were preparing dinner. Julia walked up to her porch and went into the house. After it slipped unknown to her man, in which the student did not even pay attention. Not alerted her that the man came with her to the Elevator. When the Cabinet went up to the fourth floor, the stranger pulled out his windbreaker the knife, put it against the victim’s throat and pulled his numb horror student in the stairwell. There’s a rapist quickly made their dirty deed and was gone. Hot on the trail to find the attacker, the guards failed. But in 2016, detectives arrested 63-year-old Moscow resident is suspected of pedophilia. The man bowed to sex with underage boy. For this crime he is now serving his sentence in a strict regime colony. Investigators GSU SKR conducted a molecular genetic examination, which showed that the convicted person is a citizen also committed rape of a student 15 years ago. But the man did not admit his guilt. According to the representative of press-service GSU SK of Russia across Moscow, law enforcers carried out a complex of measures aimed at securing evidence in a criminal case.

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