“Jack managed to do with the Pope selfie”: the fate of victims of wreck of An-148

The reason of wreck of An-148 in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region still remains a mystery: now all forces are thrown on investigation of the tragedy. Russia remembers victims on Board was 71 people. We spoke to the relatives and friends of victims of the crash. It turned out that the fatal flight was flying one of the greatest experts on flight safety, the young but already very well-known economist, a young flight attendant who has overcome a lot in life to realize a dream.

Last selfie Genis Livanov with my dad before flying the An-148.

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Among the victims were the resident of St. Petersburg, 79–year-old Boris Karaleev. An amazing coincidence — he was flying to Orsk, to lecture on safety.

Friends say that Karaleev was a native of Novgorod region, Staraya Russa, in his time graduated from the summer military school of air defense, he worked first as a tanker aircraft, then fly the An-2. After retirement he enrolled in a technical College and then graduated from civil aviation Academy in Leningrad. Defending candidate and doctoral dissertations, led to the flight direction.

Boris Karaleev

– Boris Aleksandrovich worked in Tselinograd airport pilot, tells about his early flying career Nina Miroshnichenko. It was a very good school. Gain experience, he became commander of the flight squad in Alma-ATA, and then the Deputy commander of the combined unit. Then Boris Alexandrovich was transferred to Ulyanovsk.

Former colleagues remember him as inspector in the Almaty Directorate of Civil aviation. All of the complex issues they were to consult it to Karmaleeva.

– Boris Alexandrovich himself, he developed techniques for the prevention of accidents, says his colleague. And that’s the death…

Colleagues reported that Boris was not supposed to fly on that ill-fated trip to Orsk, but replaced one of the teachers at his request. From a friend on the University occurred lining with the curriculum.

Boris has always been trouble-free, says friend Karmaleeva, Nicholas. – About it you talk a lot: ACE pilot, a talented mentor, one of the best safety in the country. And died as a passenger when he couldn’t stand it. Was betrayed by the sky and remained in sky.

“Our little angel” Nastya and Vika, who dreamed of the sky

Among the crew members of the crashed An – 148 was a flight attendant Anastasia Slavinskaya.

– Nastia – from the military camp Light, Saratov region, says her friend Alexander. – We went with Nastya in parallel classes. It was a very good and naughty girl.

At school No. 2 village of Light the teacher you remember Anastasia, as a thoughtful, diligent student.

– Favorite subject Nastia was literature, says her classmate Alex. – She read a lot, I could give any quote.

She perfectly knew how to get along with people. Though who could find common ground and to reconcile quarreling friends. About it and said: “Anastasia – the peacemaker,” adds Olga said.

Anastasia Slavinskaya

Classmates tell us that Nastia had a brother. Their mother raised alone.

After school, the girl entered the Saratov state agrarian University named after Vavilov.

Together, we successfully passed the exams in SSAU. Two years studying in different faculties, and then Anastasia decided to choose another profession, I transferred to another University, says her friend Natalie.

Having received higher education in the field of advertising, Nastya went to Moscow, where he graduated from a special school for flight attendants. In 2011, she began working in “the Saratov airlines”. Friends say that she could choose any airline, but wanted to be at home more often, to return to his native Saratov. She was very concerned about my mom.

– We used to call Anastasia “Little angel,” recalls Denis. – I worked in the service of transportation, and she was a stewardess. She responded to every request, was very sincere and helpful. I don’t remember her in a bad mood. Her life was in full swing. From Nastya always assumed only positive.

Colleagues say that Anastasia Slavinskaya was a professional, not just encouraged by the leadership of the company. Paid much attention to self-development, constantly maintained a physical form, engaged in fitness.

– She was the best companion, very bright man, says her colleague Julia. – The Yak-42, Embraer-190, An-148 managed to bump 2190 hours…

The hostess Viktoriya Koval is the youngest of all crew members. The girl was only 22 years old.

Friends of the deceased in a solid descendant leave comments on the page Koval. During the day, they had accumulated about a hundred.

“Vika, you dreamed of the sky. The sky is always with you now. And we on earth. Somebody to love”.

“Good man, all loving and forgiving. All willing to help. Unselfish and too honest. We all come to say goodbye to you.”

Viktoriya Koval

– Vika was a very strong and determined girl – says a friend of the deceased. – She always dreamed about two things — to find true love and to work as a flight attendant. Neither long worked.

She graduated from high school, then entered the construction College. Her parents hoped that her daughter will come to her senses and forget about the profession of flight attendants. They didn’t approve of her choice. Vick did not possess model good looks, just a pretty girl. But perseverance she was not to occupy. After College she still went to Volgograd flight attendant. And then it is assigned to “Saratov airlines”.

In March this year, Victoria Smith were to celebrate the year that has come true her dream to become a flight attendant — the airline she worked for a little less than a year.

To say that Victoria was afraid to fly, nothing to say. – continues the interviewee. Especially the first flight it was not easy. After each flight almost soothing drink. Worried much. We are still surprised, laughed and asked why you chose this profession, if you are so afraid of flying? She replied — I love to fly, and the fear will go away with time.

– Has left?

– Fear until the end never left. Vika still psychologically tuned before each flight. The talisman he carried with him an icon. And yet it is very much expected from 2018. Read her new year message…

Before the battle at new year eve, Victoria published a post on the social network, summed up: “I thank God for every day that he picked me up and not letting me fall. At the end of the year, I have achieved a lot. I became who I always wanted to be. I can finally fly. Thank you, I became strong. Thanks for that changed my life for the better. Because I feel the taste of victories and joys. In 2018, I promise you’ll be one of my most happy in life.”

Commander Valery Gubanov: was the “Afghans”, flew 5 000 hours

The commander of the crashed aircraft is the 51-year-old Valery Gubanov. Family men living in Tambov. The city government is now providing the family with all necessary assistance. On Monday morning, the widow, daughter and son-in-law of the deceased went to Moscow.

Valery Gubanov

Valery Gubanov was a military pilot, “Afghans.” After retirement from the army he lived and worked in Tambov. When switched to civil aviation. Gubanov didn’t Shine in social networks, did not like publicity. Friends describe him as an experienced, professional pilot and responsible person. On account of his 5 thousand flight hours, of which almost half of the An-148.

The list of victims and aviation technology Oleg Sergeyev and Andrey Revyakin. According to the news Agency “Free news”, last week Revyakin was awarded a commemorative badge to mark the 95th anniversary of aviation as one of the most experienced workers in the aviation and technical base. A man specialized in the maintenance of radio navigation equipment. This year Andrey Arkadyevich would have celebrated 50-year anniversary. In Saratov he is survived by his wife and adult son.

The aircraft Oleg was responsible for the operation of engines and airframe. In Saratov airport, he came to work in 1988. This year he planned to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its flight activity.

“Alex could change the situation in Russia for the better»

Alexey Nikitchenko it was just 29 years old. But, despite my relatively young age, the man was able to build a successful career in the economic sphere.

– Alex was one of the most promising young economists who were able to change the situation in Russia for the better – says business partner and friend of the deceased Nikita Isaev. – We have cooperated by the Ministry of economic development, when Alex still worked at the research Institute. Subsequently, it decided to go its own way and opened his own firm, which is engaged in attracting investors to the regions.

Alexey Nikitchenko

Alexei quite a lot of flying around the country, after Orsk was going to Kaliningrad — there oversaw the project for the construction of a residential district.

– Despite the fact that for the most part with Alex we met in the framework of the business program, he always found a place for jokes, for an informal talk. About say “real”. No idea what his wife feels now that they are in fact newly born baby…

Acquaintances of Alexei tell that in his youth the man was in a serious car accident. Long time recovering, but was able to recover after injury.

– Aleksei nobody remembers without a smile, although his schedule was busy, from trips he did not get out worked 24 hours a day. It was enough time for sport, floated by a few miles. With the child in his free time did not get out of the pool. An ardent soccer player and participant of the intellectual games, so Alexei remembered his friend and colleague Vladimir Buoys.

“A doctor with a capital letter»

Got that ill-fated 730 flight “Moscow – Orsk” and 53–year-old Lyudmila Kolchuga.

– She worked as a dentist at elite dental clinic in Orsk, says her sister Helen. – All my classmates and friends were treated and prosthetic for free. And last year People won the “top 100 entrepreneurs of Russia”.

Her daughter went in her footsteps, entered the Institute of Friendship of peoples, is also planned in the future to become a dentist. Lyudmila just in time for my daughter and flew to Moscow. But home and never returned…

Lyudmila Kolchuga

Colleagues called Lyudmila Sergeevna “our Sunshine”. Now they can’t believe that she won’t walk into your office, no comfort nursing, do not tell young doctors, what to do in a difficult case of… on her Desk lay a pile of important papers. Lyudmila had big plans for the future.

– Scary to think that she had experienced before death, says her colleague Irina. – They’re only 4 minutes were in the air, then suffered engine failure, fire, sharp decline in…

Patients say about Lyudmila Couchage: “This is a Doctor with a capital letter. Very attentive and knowledgeable expert”. “Ludmila Sergeyevna – Golden hands. More would be such doctors.” “All my life I was afraid to go to dentists. And after a visit to Lyudmila Kolchuga this fear has passed. We even became friends. Not only is she a great doctor but a kind-hearted man, was always cheerful, optimist. Good men God quickly takes…»

“Parents stayed with us for three months»

On Board the an-148 was a member of the city Council of Norilsk Sergey Panchenko.

– Sergei is the man who opened the far North for many actors, Directors, journalists, photographers, and other figures of culture and art. He embodied hospitality. Thanks to him, the North does not seem so harsh with him was always warm, fun and interesting. He always had lots of plans, ideas and tasks. This man did many things and too many did not. To lose him is a tragedy for all who were friends and worked – says a colleague of the deceased Marina Smirnova.

Sergey Panchenko

Evgeny Korotkov — employee “Europetroleum”, with colleagues flying to Orsk at the factory — they had to monitor employees working from South Africa.

– We come from Ryazan, says mother Elizaveta Vasilyevna. The son was on vacation until Sunday, spent it at home with me. His family for 39 years was never created…

The company Jack worked as a Manager in Orsk as he spoke, watched as colleagues from South Africa boil the pipe. About the trouble I was told Zhenya the head — phoned at 16.00. With my daughter waiting for a car to take us to the Ramensky district to take the tests for genetic examination. Said 5-7 days everything will be ready. To bury the son will be in our cemetery in Ryazan.

Pensioners Anatoly and Tatiana Karpukhina (they were 68 and 67 years) in the Moscow region are living two daughters, Larisa and Elena. That’s what sister told human rights defenders:

– This year parents visited us for 3 months. Mom at the time heart surgery at the Bakulev Institute did a pacemaker put in, and every year she had to undergo a health survey. She went to the Institute and grandchildren helped one recently came to light. On Sunday we held the parents on the plane, the last time dad had a phone call at 14.00, right before he said goodbye. We expected that they will reach, when suddenly Ginny began to write that in the region of the plane fell.

Our fears were confirmed – got a call from MOE. Parents were honored people: my mother is a teacher, veteran of labour, the father — Adjuster, I worked in a factory all his life…

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Dead Ekaterina Boykova and Vladimir Usachev were members of the machine-building plant “Arsenal” in St. Petersburg. In Orsk they flew on a mission – to discuss production issues. The plant produces space vehicles and engineering equipment of ships.

– Vladimir was 47, Catherine 22 years. They both will be remembered as kind and open people, full of optimism and love of life. To Moscow, they reached eating, and then boarded the plane. About the trouble we learned very quickly. Very sorry for the families.

Survived by two adult daughters, Catherine had just started their path in life. MZ “the Arsenal” will provide families of victims with all necessary assistance, including financial. Declared three days of mourning, – said the company.

Tatiana Sinitsyna (she was 51 years old) was an employee of the construction company, well known in Orsk. Repeatedly received awards at the regional level.

Tatyana has arrived to business trip to Moscow on 6 February. She also planned to visit his daughter Julia, a confectioner by profession.

Last time Tatiana wrote Yulia SMS from the plane in 13.58 — she wanted to know whether flew to the place of destination other relatives.

– I handed DNA in Moscow, genetic analysis was asked to take the grandfather from Orsk, – said Julia. – My mom died, I found out myself by calling the hotline on Sunday afternoon still did not know exactly, killed the mother, and in the evening confirmed…

“Jack managed to do with the Pope’s latest selfie»

Among those killed in the crash — the people of Novotroitsk.

In our small town came in huge trouble. She has touched almost every citizen, and the beginning of the conversation, a local resident Irina Morozova. – Comfortable flight we fly often, so it is not surprising that on one side was almost all of our neighbors. Lilichka Bulatov she’s 34, she’s my ex-classmate. From the first class studied it together. She was very clever, gave great hopes, from a good family. work in Moscow. Flew to her mother, took time off at work. We are now trying to contact the mother, but she’s not answering her phone. I hope nothing happened…. The same flight was flying a classmate of my husband — Ilya Vedibarta. Normal guy, hardworking, and for several weeks worked on the watch. On Sunday we decided to go on vacation, to the family. He left a wife and child.

Novotroitska 32-year-old Oksana Krasova with a 5-year-old daughter Nadia. A woman with a child she lived in Moscow. That day I flew to visit parents. The next day after the tragedy, the scammers tried to cash in on this family. Published online touching post that the alleged victim’s family is poor and needs the money.

In a terrible plane crash killed another child – 12-year-old Zhenya from Orsk. On Board he was with his father Eugene Livanov. Before takeoff they had to make one last selfie.

– Jack was my friend. We went to the same school. Today in the school hall put the mourning frame, says a classmate of the deceased. – When we saw it, then cried the whole class. Remembered our friend. He was a great guy. Professionally engaged in horse riding.

Eugene Lebanon

A family friend says that the wife of the deceased from the moment of the tragedy is not said almost nothing.

– Understand that Tanya lived family. This is her first child, in which she put all heart and soul, her husband loved, these families are rare. Like she let them alone for two days, on some of the competition, the boy flew with his father. Now she blames herself. Repeats one: “Why wasn’t I there next to them?”…

The An-148 flew 53-year-old resident of Sochi Marina Kalashnik. Already the second day of the administration of Primorsky city is searching for her relatives. It is known that the deceased has a son. But it is not yet possible. The authorities of the resort ready to take on the costs of travel and stay of relatives in Moscow for passing the identification procedure, as well as the transportation of the body of the deceased in the city of Sochi and the funeral.

The list of victims – 24-year-old Ferhat Tulubaev. The man was flying to see her parents.

– Firgat a native of Orsk. But job could not find, and he moved with his mother in Monchegorsk, – says a colleague of the deceased Arthur Vasilev. – Got to work for us in in Kola MMC refining shop, machinist mills. Worked for about 6 months. During this time joined the team, was not only a great employee but also the soul of the company. But he missed his friends from his native city, brothers, sisters.

In the end begged a little vacation from 8th to 16th February. For 2 days he flew to Moscow to go out with friends, and 11th flew to his native Orsk. Now our boss is so sorry that he let him go!..

38-year-old Natalia Mescheryakova returned to Orsk children — the oldest child is 20 and youngest is 5. Natalia at such a young age has already become a grandmother — her grandson was born.

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