Media: In Perm the former Deputy broke his jaw DJ Smash

A visit to one of the clubs ended for the famous Russian DJ Smah (real name Andrey Shirman – MK) brutal beating. The musician lashed out two, including former United Russia Deputy. The result of the Smash was in the hospital with a broken jaw.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

As reported Вести.Ru citing its sources, the conflict started with the fact that one of the drunken visitors approached the DJ and asked to take pictures with.

Having been refused, the men snapped and dragged the musician from the bar. At this point, to beating the Moscow visitor has connected former member of the Legislative Assembly. By the way, the master of sports on hand-to-hand combat.

Without another word, he hit the Shirman in the temple, and then together with a friend to continue to “punish” lying musician’s feet.

In the emergency room, the victim of DJ recorded the beating and an open fracture of the jaw. By beating the musician a criminal case.

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