Personal belongings of passengers of the An-148 is found even in the trees

On the field where wrecked aircraft “An-148” the company “Saratov airlines” continues to operate machinery.

photo Vladislav Bashkirov

Reports from the scene reporter “MK”, involved hundreds of rescuers. Plow up the whole field graders. On the edge of the field based helicopter.

Rescuers are working in shifts (each shift is 2 to 4 hours) and explain that if the order, they are willing to work through the night. Their colleagues in the background sleeping in the buses. Found fragments are transmitted directly to representatives of the Investigative Committee. Next to the lifeguards is machine of mine.

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“On a place of wreck of An-148 drove the machinery: video»


In parallel employees of the Department of internal Affairs Ramensky district carry out house-to-house. Interview of witnesses. Also, according to our information, the police check, it’s not hidden if the locals something from evidence.

Rescuers note that personal belongings of passengers and fragments of the plane are found even on the trees, and not just in the snow.

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In the TFR have revealed the first details of the fall of An-148 in the suburbs

Watch the video on:
“The time of the crash of An-148 aircraft got on the video: visible fire plume»

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