The crash of aircraft An-148 and the signs of destiny: the psychic saw my own death

The girl psychic Ilya Stavsky, who died in a plane crash of An-148 in the suburbs, reported that shortly before the tragedy of her beloved saw in a magic sphere a crowd of police on the big field. Several passengers were left before the death of strange recordings and videos in social networks. Maxim and the latter passed the tickets on the fateful flight, transfer flight to Orsk he had to because of circumstances. Was this a mere coincidence or signs of fate that accompany a major catastrophe?

photo: Vladislav Bashkirov

Petersburger Alexander Ceresco for some time before the fatal flight posted on social networks video of a difficult landing at the airport. A 23-year-old passenger of the last flight of An-148 Christina Monzikova left on your virtual page of a strange note: “in General, how are you? But in General, I’m shattered”.

Ilya Stavsky, addicted to spirituality and making their living by fortune telling with Tarot and healing to your birthday party, came back from the capital to his native Orsk. On the eve of the tragedy the man saw in the crystal ball cluster of policemen on the field, but couldn’t decipher this sign. According to the girl who died, Elijah decided that he just shouldn’t throw a party in honor of the holiday and quietly sat down in the ill-fated plane.

At the same time, 37-the summer inhabitant of Sochi Maxim kolomeytsev, who also was born on the 11th of February, by coincidence, passed the tickets (his and his girlfriend’s) on the crashed plane. Man is not called for, no feeling, just a car that he had to take in Orsk out of the cabin, time has not brought, so max moved the trip to a later date. Interestingly, this case is the third in the life Kolomeitseva, when he is due to delays or change of plans to skip the trip, which could end tragically.

The presentiment of catastrophe and miraculous rescues scientists around the world have been studied for a long time. Thus, the American sociologist James Staunton analyzed 50 train and plane crashes over a hundred years. Scientists have found that in case of a crash of the vehicle was filled with passengers at least 15% less than planes and trains, has successfully completed his course. Not got on the flight, the passengers in most cases were told that any apprehensions they had, and the trip was prevented by the case. Someone was late for a flight, someone abruptly ill or had to cancel a voyage due to external circumstances.

However, almost every major transportation disaster, there has been a mass phenomenon foreboding misfortune, which arise not only from participants, but also sometimes completely innocent people. How can it be explained and whether people had a chance to learn to avoid dangerous situations, we learned from a psychologist Marina Pylaeva:

– In fact, almost every one of us from time to time go to some bad feeling, – says the psychologist. Sometimes they are associated with something that people are a priori afraid, and sometimes there are completely out of the blue. Of course, if the person refuses any action because of the signals of intuition, and then nothing bad happens, he quickly forgets about it.

In the case when the concern is confirmed, he begins to consider himself almost a psychic with paranormal abilities, although it’s just a coincidence.

Ilya Stavsky. Was fascinated by the esoteric, read Tarot cards and practiced healing. Girl Ilya said that before the fatal flight Ilya saw in the crystal ball a crowd of police on the field, but did not attach any importance to this. Photo: social networks

In fact, after any disaster, the surviving people are beginning to see signs in everything, to exaggerate the value of their own thoughts and feelings before the tragic event. Although there is a very popular theory that some forces are trying to protect people from death. But it happens, usually not at the level of unexpected hunches or intuition, but by the sudden circumstances that prevent a person to perform an action that will lead to negative consequences.

See photo essay on the topic:

The faces of victims of wreck of An-148: photos from social networks, coincidences

23 photos

It is believed that people with highly developed intuition are able at what is happening around him of events to determine when he should stop and change their plans. Suppose a man is going to go on a personal car to the airport, he suddenly the car won’t start, so he calls a taxi. Then a taxi on the road punctures the wheel, the passenger tries to vote, but nobody stops. Here is an example of a chain of events, which is to think hard and it is possible to postpone the trip and not continue all by hook or by crook try to get to the airport. In

Perhaps the problem is not in the plane, and the person “want to stop” for other reasons. But the problem is that any major disaster often causes people, especially insecure, panic attacks and false feelings, which they invented themselves. Some people refuse to fly, others feel that intuition advises them not to leave the house.

In any case, to unravel the phenomenon of anticipation and management scientists have not been able, therefore, to reduce all his life to the search for the signs should not be too over”.

From personal experience: the story of the journalist “MK»

“At the beginning of the two thousandth, my colleague flew to Saratov, to interview the then Governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov. When it came time to fly back to Moscow over the town, thick fog. The flight was delayed, and delayed, and when finally they announced boarding, we are not saying a word, said in unison: “Let’s fly”.

Decided to go to Moscow by car — fortunately I found a friend who was going to the capital on his car.

We went also through the heavy mist, which covered the greater part of the route — we did not expect that a weather front will stretch that far. Was quite scary, but a skilled driver drove us very well.

In Moscow, we learned that the flight had arrived safely. Only now, after his landing away from the airport happened a major accident with casualties.

Was this a simple coincidence, or fate saved us from something — I’m wondering still…»


It is generally accepted that we lag behind developed Western countries in all indicators — including safety. Disaster aircraft in Russia do occur frequently. But what are the stats? As it turned out, and in the United States and in many other States of the crash of the aircraft, the phenomenon is not rare.

Countries that experienced the most crashes with fatalities (2012-2016)*

Source: Aviation Safety Network


Russia — 8**

Columbia — 6

Indonesia — 5

Nepal — 4

Ukraine — 3

South Sudan — 3

* — taking into account only civilian aircraft, so the crash of the Tu-154 to Sochi in this list does not include

** — the number of victims in the U.S. is 37 people, in Russia — 72

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