The crash of An-148: Ukraine will take part in the investigation of the crash

An authorized representative from Ukraine will participate in the investigation of wreck of An-148 in the Moscow region on 11 February, according to the interstate aviation Committee (IAC). Note that the liner was developed in the Ukraine, the engine he is also Ukrainian, while the machine itself is made in Voronezh.

Notice about the crash of An-148 sent to Ukraine – the country-the developer of the aircraft, said in a statement posted on the website of the MAC. Kiev has appointed authorized representatives and advisers who will participate in the investigation of the crash of the ship “Saratov airlines”.

At the scene of a plane crash in the suburbs found two “black boxes”. And parametric and voice recorders “have strong damage, but, according to preliminary data, suitable for interpretation”, reports TASS with reference to the MAC.

An-148 – short-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft, developed in Antonov im. O. K. Antonov. In Russia produced 29 An-148, they were all released the Voronezh joint-stock aircraft society (VASO).

Previously close to the Ministry of transport of Ukraine, the newspaper “Kommersant” said that Kyiv is not responsible for the crash, as well as the company Antonov. “Due to the rupture of economic ties of Ukraine and Russia extending the resource Anov, operating in Russia, does the Russian side,” – said the source.

Day on February 11, in the Ramenskoye district of the Moscow region crashed the plane An-148 of “Saratov airlines”, EN route from Moscow airport Domodedovo to Orsk. On Board were 71 people — 65 passengers and six crew members, they all died.

Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee of Russia has denied the information that the An-148 began to fall apart in the air. The Ministry said that the explosion occurred as a result of collision with the ground plane.

The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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