Why is the identification of victims of the crash: need digital DNA Bank data

The collection of remains of those killed in the crash of An-148 aircraft will take about a week, said Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova. Found fragments of the bodies of the passengers, she said, will be sent to Moscow in the forensic morgue to identify the body using DNA testing. How is the identification of the victims in the crash and in some cases, conducted a DNA study, said the “MK” head of the Department of the first Moscow state medical University. I. M. Sechenov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri PIGOLKIN.

Pigolkin Yuri Ivanovich. Photo: sechenov.ru

– After collecting all the pieces of bodies they are sorting. If you can match them by gender, age, constitutional peculiarities, nationality and other characteristics, they are distributed according to these characteristics. Then, if they managed to gather the human body is more or less acceptable for identification, is a cosmetic treatment to relatives were able to recognize him. For example, if there is a wound person, mend clothes covered with makeup. Sometimes, in order to reduce the psychological impact of the identification procedure, the first family can show the video. If they saw a video on something similar, familiar, them down directly to the object of study, which States — he is or he is not. But in addition to those fragments that can be mapped, there are such that is impossible macroscopically to connect with some other parts. Then, these pieces take on a molecular-genetic study. At the same time doing the same research relatives.

– What are relatives for this approach?

– Fit all the relatives. But the closer the relationship, the closer the genotype of the deceased person, it is easier to determine the probability determination above.

– How much time usually need experts to do all the research?

– It depends on the amount of research, but as a rule, such work shall be performed during the month.

– I know there was a case when parents after the crash identified her son and even started to bury him. And in the midst of the funeral, the son was unharmed, he lost his seat to another passenger, who was in a hurry. But the parents of the deceased identified, even moles matched. In the case that relatives identified the corpse, still done a DNA examination?

– If people wholly identified victim, then, of course, possible not to do that. But you cannot undo the emotional factor. And then, a living man differs from the dead — the color of the skin, the eyes, the vertical and horizontal position. People can be wrong, such cases. In each case, the decision to appoint or not to appoint a genetic test taken by the investigator.

– And the relatives can insist on holding it?

– The desire of the relatives in this case is secondary. Crash is a criminal incident in which the criminal case. Here, fully in command of the investigator, who tries to make everything that all were identified. If he is in some doubt, it shall pass a resolution on the appointment of molecular-genetic examination.

– But if such a situation: there are scattered remains, and the relatives there is nothing to compare them. How experts can accurately identify to whom they belong?

– What. I am just now writing a memo that Russia must have a digital DNA Bank-data on all citizens. We have a law on the genomic dactiloscopy, according to which criminals, prisoners DNA tiponut. But the total data on all citizens is not. Early forensic examination could at least some data to accumulate, and now it is eliminated. You need to make it so that people could donate blood, which would put in the Bank and kept. Picture of the human genotype will not hurt anyone.

– Many, I think, be afraid – you never know, will start rigging.

– Why be afraid? If it falls into the law enforcement system, they may be able to turn. But if it be in medicine, the danger I see. Now such technologies that all data can be stored in the cloud, and any penetration of this information leaves a trace. And digital information that is in the cloud, is not going anywhere.

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