A huge boar Sensilla frightened residents of Hong Kong and was on video

In Hong Kong, a giant wild boar, nicknamed by the local media Sensillae (Pigzilla) was the terror of the parents of students of a local school, who met him when they came for their children after school.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

As seen in the footage, posted on YouTube, shows a giant wild pig, standing on its hind legs, enthusiastically digging in the garbage and not paying attention to the people on the three relatives standing nearby. Paul wild pigs is not known, but, as suggested by the newspaper the Mirror, the size of the beast indicates that the animal is masculine. But at the same time, it is known that adult male wild boars live alone and join the herd only during mating.

Local residents believe that such an unusual act of male pushed hunger. In search of food, these animals often come to human habitation.

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