Basketball Cup of Russia “the locomotive-Kuban” has shown how to defeat the Russian squad

photo: press service of “Lokomotiv-Kuban”

Basketball Krasnodar is able to create holidays. From finals school and College leagues to professional sports. And with the acquisition of their own “basket-hall” club “Lokomotiv-Kuban” in terms of hospitality added another.

Hospitality, of course, in the literal sense: at “Loco” with joy no one to share, regaining the Cup of Russia… 18 years later. Then the team represented the city of Mineral Water.

In the main meeting the current “Final four”, held by the Russian basketball Federation, met two clubs representing the United League. On the one hand, not surprising, since in this international event plays for Russian club elite. On the other, and women and men in the tournament on the Olympic system with elimination right to get in is only for citizens of Russia.

The decision this time was made with two objectives. First, to allow the clubs with very large possibilities to reach the top. Work out! In the “Final four” was presented to the Irkutsk and Novosibirsk, which are familiar except that discerning fans, not counting the residents of these Siberian cities. Second, let’s count. Loko fans 2017 delegated control of the players, while “Khimki” and CSKA have solved most complicated tasks in the Euroleague and could not let go of all (overlay tournaments clubs and teams — a separate issue). Now the finalists from the hosts of the parquet for the next game the team will be called 6 people from the “Lower” one.

We will remind, in qualification for the world Cup, where in the near future Russia will play with Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, following the initial failure is practically no margin for error.

In this light, very happy for the basketball team and “the Locomotive” Dmitry Kulagin, who was one of the best match of the season: 29 points (level of the leader of the national team Alexey Shved), 5 rebounds and 6 assists!

President of “Lokomotiv-Kuban” Andrey Vedishchev, a former player of the national team, congratulated the fans and the team with the first significant victory of the season. He stressed that head coach Sasa Obradovic allowed to play 17-year-old players.

“But we are not going to dissolve in triumph, — he has warned. On Wednesday our guest CSKA!”The white house, in turn, expressed gratitude to the leadership: “Selection and recruitment of Russian players make my job easier, and therefore was able to confidently win the Cup!”— said the famous Serbian specialist.

The best playmaker of the tournament was the playmaker of the national team and Krasnodar club Dmitry Khvostov, Pavel Antipov was awarded the prize as the best lightweight striker. The leader of Nizhny Novgorod Petr Gubanov became the main heavy forward a crucial stage of the tournament, and in two other positions were noted players in the clubs-beginners! This is the center of “Irkut” Alimjan Fedyushin and protector “Novosibirsk” Sergey Tokarev.

Ex-center CSKA and Russian national team, champion of Europe 2007 Alexey Savrasenko played brilliantly in a relatively new role: he’s a second year General Manager of the “Lokomotiv-Kuban”. “Not to hear a single complaint: such was the motto I and all the employees of the club. And we as organizers made a great team. Yes, I had to stay 24 hours a day, but we are very proud of the fact that the Final four has entrusted to us in our “basket-hall”. And the team at the time forgot about all the other fronts on which we play. Was only thinking about the Cup of Russia!»

Probably Savrasenko was particularly pleased to hear the words of a former teammate and now President of the Russian basketball Federation Andrei Kirilenko: “Thank you Krasnodar for the hospitality and excellent organization. As for the main match, it was very interesting. Just didn’t have enough “gasoline” “Nizhniy Novgorod” in the third quarter, but the play staged by snipers from both sides — Dmitry Kulagin and Petr Gubanov. On the eve of the matches of the national team pleased that her players take leadership roles in the matches for the club, besides enjoying a high level. The format of the Cup is good. The Russians get all the playing time!»

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