Called habits of a person capable of betrayal: he likes to view other people’s photos

Scientists at the University of Florida managed to figure out what factors contribute to adultery. They are within three and a half years watching the 233 newly married couples. And revealed two main parameters: the rate of distraction and a tendency to depreciation. It turned out that those who had no inclination to look at pictures of handsome men and beautiful women were 50% less likely to change spouses. Those who looked at the photo for a long time, changed often.


Also, the results of the studies, less frequently changed ones that extraneous people in the photo seemed unattractive, those who are not in the beautiful people nothing. The researchers note that both processes occur unconsciously — they can influence how biological factors and life experiences.

In the process of research managed to isolate other factors. So, to change were willing participants of younger age, those who are not too satisfied with the psychology of these relations, but it is happy sex. The same betrayal was more frequently found in couples where women had a less attractive appearance, but not only are they often changed men, they themselves were resolved on the betrayal most beautiful of the study participants. The appearance of the man in this case did not play a role.

Was important and the experience of previous intimate relationships. Men, previously opposed to a large number of sexual relations, have changed more often. The fair sex the opposite situation — the less sexual partners a woman had before marriage, the more likely it was betrayal on her part.

– An interesting observation, though expected, says family psychologist Dennis Turner. – A penchant for staring at beautiful members of the opposite sex says an increased interest in them, so it is understandable why these people were willing to casual sex, that is treason. With another option — a desire not to recognize the attractiveness of strangers all the more interesting. In my practice I have often noticed that men and women who truly love your partner, don’t think it is possible to call beautiful and attractive of any kind of another person. For me it is the ultimate test of love. And I’m glad to studies by American scientists confirmed the accuracy of my assumptions.

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