Climatologists predicted a “flood” to the end of the century

Experts from the American space Agency NASA and several other scientific organizations, came to the conclusion that in the foreseeable future the sea level will rise in two times more than previously predicted. In this case, by the year 2100 many coastal cities around the world will be under water, and millions of people will be in danger of flooding.


After analyzing the data collected by satellites for 25 years, the researchers found that the sea level is rising faster each year, this rate increased on average by 0,084 mm and this trend is likely to continue in the future.

Making a climate model taking into account the information received, the experts came to the conclusion that the twenty-first century he together will rise by 30 centimeters, as suggested by the most popular to date version, and 65 inches. The most important reason why this happens, the authors of a new study called the melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica.

The rising water level will cause flooding, which primarily affected the coast of Washington, Bangladesh, South Florida and Shanghai, added climatologists.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

A similar study is not the only of its kind. Last year a group of researchers from Russia and other countries have found that due to the melting of permafrost under water can disappear the territory of eight Russian regions. That the melting of glaciers can cause catastrophic hurricanes and tsunamis, said earlier the American scientists. And recently, another potential consequence of this process experts have described the release into the environment large amounts of mercury.

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