Discovered a new way to treat alcoholism

Medicine used in China and Japan as an antidepressant, proved to be an effective remedy for alcoholism. In any case, this is evidenced by the results of the experiments on animals conducted by experts from Queensland University of technology in Australia.


According to experts, they studied the substance affects certain serotonin receptors and, as far as is known today, has almost no side effects. In the experiment, the scientists found that laboratory mice that, during the 15 days allowed to drink alcohol, much easier transferred when they cease to give alcohol, and subsequently often felt the urge to drink again when the scientists gave the rodents the opportunity.

According to experts, the tool allows you to “reset” the brain, restoring its ability to produce new neurons from long-term alcohol abuse it usually is greatly reduced. Thus, theoretically, the tool should help the brain of the former alcoholic to recover more efficiently.

Also studied by the specialists of the drug likely increases the likelihood that suffer from alcohol dependence, people will be able to successfully quit drinking — allegedly it will soften the feelings of depression and anxiety that accompany early stages of treatment for alcoholism and sometimes makes us to fall back.

As the authors of a new scientific work, they found not just a “new substance, potentially reducing the amount of alcohol consumption alcoholics”, and means a high probability of allowing people with alcohol dependence to abandon bad habits and to restore a considerable part of the damage alcohol caused.

The study was published in the pages of scientific publications Scientific Reports.

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