Epidemic in Saratov: for 10 days, stopped all school activities

All schools of Saratov were quarantined from 14 to 24 February on the cause of the epidemic of SARS and influenza, according to the website city hall.

photo: pixabay.com

This measure will also cover institutions of further education.

The regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor informs that on 12 February, the training was stopped in seven of ten schools, three preschool educational institutions of the Saratov region and two boarding schools. Partly was discontinued lessons 100 26 classes in Saratov schools, two kindergarten groups and three groups in the boarding school.

According to the Department, in the area over the past week there were more than 18 thousand cases of acute respiratory viral infections, which is above the epidemic threshold by 46.2%.

Earlier media reported that the Ugra graders suffered additional skiing holidays in February due to the outbreak of influenza.

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“Beware of the FLU in Moscow inflames the epidemic has been quarantined»


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