Icing or undermining: experts continue to argue about the causes of the crash of An-148

Investigators working at the crash site of the Antonov An-148, found that at the time of the crash destruction his designs in the air was not. The explosion occurred when the car hit the ground. On the eve of the official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko: “it is Established that at the moment of impact the aircraft was in integrity, without the fire. The explosion occurred after the crash”. This statement actually refutes the version of the attack and explosion on Board. However, many experts still confused picture of the scene of the tragedy – too a large number of small parts of the plane, a huge spread of debris and bodies of men: the place of wreck of An-148 rescuers found more than 500 fragments of the machine and over a thousand fragments of bodies of victims.

photo: Vladislav Bashkirov

– No doubt, had an explosion, – has declared in conversation with the journalist “MK” one of the representatives of the Supervisory aviation authority. – Another thing, what is its nature? I was wondering: why, if the cause of the fall was the icing of the plane, there was a huge spread of debris? But now everything was clear. The footage from the surveillance camera of one of the houses located not far from the place of wreck of An-148, it is clear that, in falling, the plane did not burn. And then from hitting the ground when it exploded its fuel tanks – and they were complete – a strong explosion and firestorm machine parts and bodies of passengers scattered over such a large distance. Chances to survive there was not one, were all killed instantly.

But why from the very beginning of the development of an emergency situation, the pilots were silent t not said anything to the Manager?

– Nor during the plane crash in Tyumen (wrecked ATR72 flying to Surgut on April 2, 2012, of the 43 people on Board, 31 were killed immediately, two in hospital — approx. Ed.), neither here nor in 2010 that killed Artem Borovik (Yak-40 aircraft crashed on 9 March 2000 during takeoff from Sheremetyevo to Kiev, killed 9 people — approx. Ed.), the pilots did not manage to say just because this moment was so busy trying to bring the aircraft. They had conversations with the Manager. Understand when fall from 11,000 m is another thing, there – Yes, pilots have time to shout: stop! pull! to curse… But here the height is not to talk.

-What do you think is a technical failure could lead to crash from this height? Discussed the version of the faulty engine.

-I think the refusal was not. Previously already established that both engines continued to operate until the fall to the ground. My opinion – the reason was the icing of the aircraft. Just imagine: if the frost was formed on the wings while the plane was flying with the flaps on takeoff, it could still pull. And as soon as the flaps were removed, leaving a smooth wing, here he could start to fall. That is, when the flaps are released – this is one lift and picked up speed, the flaps and slats were removed, the wing was smooth, but it is icy, then all only next fall.

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However, some experts do not agree with such allegations and continues to insist on the release of an explosion on Board, which occurred in flight. There is speculation that the bomb could get on Board together with the postal mail in large numbers discovered at the crash site of the An-148.

So the ex-head of weapons of the defense Ministry Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov, who during his military service had to participate in the elucidation of the causes of aircraft accidents of military aircraft, says: an explosion could occur due to full fuel tanks. He claims that the tanks at impact can explode only if they are not completely filled with fuel. There should be a place for a gaseous mixture, the so-called “vapour cushion”, which actually leads to an explosion. But if the tanks are full, fuel with a plane never explodes, it spreads.

In addition, the explosion of the fuel tanks, according to the General Sitnov, not able to break the plane on such a large number of small parts.

– Believe me, I know that this undermining of the aircraft, or failure of aircraft, – says the expert – in 1992 we on earth have conducted explosive experiments with the real aircraft. The airplane is a very durable design. And here broken even frames (structural elements running along the body – “MK”) and shell (annular elements, fastening fuselage – MK). All of this suggests that the explosion was inside the plane. Moreover, the explosion is very powerful, which broke the plane in all directions. No bodies found whole – solid fragments. What can I say? In addition, according to flightradar, the crash occurred from a height of 900 m, while the radius of explosion was about two kilometers. For comparison, the plane downed near Donetsk, fell from a height of 9,000 m, the dispersion in diameter amounted to almost 20 km you will Agree, comparable facts.

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And while experts continue to argue about the causes another tragedy, I would like to remind you that after each crash, we traditionally turn to the topic of safety. “MK” repeatedly wrote that in 2008, before the representatives of the ICAO (international Civil aviation organization) was going to come to us with a check, we have adopted a Program of safety.

The Commission ICAO arrived. The document showed her. The Commission left – he was immediately put on the shelf.

Initially to carry out the Program planned by 2010. But she was no one, financing it was not secured, with the result that failed. But in case of any contacts with ICAO, our officials shook the dust from it and shook the precious Tome: “look, in our country there is a state strategy of safety!”. This usually all ends.

Meanwhile, 14 Nov 2014 worldwide, entered into force 13-e Annex ICAO – safety Management, which Russia, despite the participation in the work of this organization, in fact, ignored. Just do not see at close range. And there, among other things, says that the government needs to be created by a single body responsible for safety in the country. Needs to be defined acceptable level of safety is a global average – below which we should not fall. For what and required the state program of flight safety.

And what have we? There is no state program, as none of the authorized government body which would be responsible for flight safety in the country.

No, a bunch of aircraft, agencies, bodies and committees is available. Some of which are responsible for putting regulations and various orders and other for certification or verification. But at the same time, in the position of any of these various aircraft structures is not written that it is responsible for the safety in the country.

That aviation officials – the mass, and for safety there is no one answer. Or there is someone? For example, the head of the government?

Conclusion from this one: we are not meeting the ICAO requirements, and issues of aviation security across the state we have still not been resolved. Apparently, therefore, adopted in 2008, the program of safety, gathering dust somewhere in the bureaucratic offices, and the corpses of passengers of the plane flying to Orsk, lie on the snow in the suburban field…

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