In the United States invented robots gentlemen, opening the door

The company Boston Dynamics released a video demonstrating the new “trick”, that the engineers taught their robots. In the video you can see how with the help of a robot manipulator opens the door for the other and, having passed it forward, comes next. The video has gained more than 400 thousand views, and this number continues to grow rapidly.

photo: a frame from the video

Both presented the video of the robot, apparently, have similar construction, however, the manipulator is suitable for opening doors with only one of them. With this “hands” the robot presses the handle and opens the door, and then briefly holding her lower extremity, and then re-intercepts the manipulator and opens wider.

Many Internet users left comments on the video, found the spectacle thrilling in its own way inspiring, but hardly the most in jest or in earnest noted that in such arrangements there’s something frightening. Also, the authors of the review argue about how big the practical significance of such developments, skeptics believe that they are more spectacular than useful, while their opponents said that this kind of robots can help the disabled. Also quite popular was the joke that the Western mechanisms won’t be able to cope with the Russian latches.

The rollers, which Boston Dynamics talks about their recent developments, are often attracted wide attention of Internet users. In November last year, a very popular was the video where humanoid robot jumping between platforms of different heights, and even does a back flip. He responded even engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk. According to him, this video, on the one hand, gives a reason for dreams about the future of technological progress, and with another — serves as a reminder of the need for state regulation of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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