It turned out the motive of the resident of Moscow, who killed ex-wife, and crashed in road accident

Literally overnight lost both parents, 15-year-old girl of Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region February 11 — first her father brutally killed her mother and then got behind the wheel and he landed in a fatal accident.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, a tragedy in a one bedroom apartment in one of the villages was played on Sunday evening. Once there lived a happy couple — Igor (he was 53 years old) and Olga (she was 47) and the General’s daughter. Olga worked as a clerk, Igor taksovat. The problems began in 2012, when Olga went on a binge spree and didn’t want to go home. Igor then got off a leg, looking for a faithful. The woman managed to return to the family, but soon anyway the marriage cracked, the couple divorced. But to go there was nowhere Igor, Olga gave him a room in an apartment, and she lived with her daughter. According to some, the woman wanted to arrange a personal life, but Igor was jealous. This was the reason for violence — as it became known, the fatal quarrel started in the kitchen because of the cavalier Olga. Igor (he was in his youth convicted of murder) in front of her daughter was beaten to death by a woman with a wrench, and then told the girl that I am I’ll leave, but you after a while call the police. The schoolgirl has fulfilled the mandate of his father.

And Igor jumped into a personal “Volkswagen”, went to the Kaluga road and most likely on purpose, left on a counter strip directly under wheels of the truck. It happened half an hour after the murder of ex-wife. The man died on the spot.

Orphan girl believes that in this story, blame my mother — she misses her father, whom she loved more, and cries. Currently lady lives in a 76-year-old grandfather, father of Olga. Her 26-year-old sister Svetlana (daughter of Olga from her first marriage) planning to move to Moscow region of Ryazan, to take the girl into care. The girl clearly needs a psychologist — if the day she keeps, at night, sobbing into the pillow. By the way, in the school family difficulties did not notice: the girl is good and Olga were interested in the performance. She did recently reformed — was less to drink, made repairs in the apartment.

At work, in taxis Igor was considered a dark horse — he’s not particularly devoted to all the details of his personal life. Colleagues only knew that in his spare time he loved to play on the computer. Sometimes the drivers were complaining customers alleged he behaved tactlessly, but these reviews could be biased.

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