Kormukhina built the Royal chapel for those suffering from love and alcohol

Cult place for lovers and honeymooners and for those seeking to get rid of the passions of alcoholism, Smoking and drug abuse was created by the famous rock singer Olga Kormukhina. The rock star has built a memorial Chapel in honor of the Tsar-Martyr near the House of Tchaikovsky in Klin. This chapel was assigned the name of the king, and was consecrated 18 February, Shrove Sunday in honor of Emperor Nicholas II.

The venue for the Royal chapel, chosen not accidentally: Olga searched for him for 15 years one of the most famous Russian elders, now deceased, Nikolai Guryanov, left her to build a chapel. And then another elder, father Eli, visiting the wedge, I noticed that there should be erected the Royal chapel in honor of the Tsar-Martyr. When independently from one another matched by two blessings of the elders, Olga Kormukhina finally decided on the choice of location. Moreover, the Wedge is closely connected with the history of the Royal family. There was revealed the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Klinskoe”, which is particularly revered by the Romanov dynasty. And even Tchaikovsky was his favorite composer Nicholas II and his family.

– Here all came together that I was looking for: the ancient town of Klin, the blessings of the two elders, the music of Tchaikovsky, who was worshiped by the Royal family and Imperial highway Moscow – Saint-Petersburg, — says Olga Kormukhina.

A distinctive feature of the chapel is unique in its kind mosaic icon with the face of Nicholas II, which is located within, and special relief in the form of a cross. They are made by special order of Olga kormukhina.

Mosaic in the chapel.

The construction of the chapel-monument was held with the ardent support of the Head of the Klin district Alena Sokolskaya. It is symbolic that the chapel was built by two women – Olga and Elena, because Saint Olga baptized in the name of Elena.

The opening ceremony of the Royal chapel will be held with the blessing of Metropolitan of Krutitsy and Kolomna Yuvenaly, the ceremony will be present, Olga Kormukhina, and also the head of the Klin district Alena Sokolskaya, the Dean of the Klin district Eugene (Fry), the descendants of Tchaikovsky, Taneyev.

The chapel has become an expensive gift to the city and really liked clinchant. People come here to pray, bring the lamps, and in the evening the many lights glowing around the white chapel, giving a special beauty of its gold plated dome. The chapel has become one of the favorite pilgrimage sites for tourists. Even formed a new tourist route “Clean sounds”, which runs from the station to the House of Tchaikovsky, where the tourists meet the Royal memorial chapel. The people had dubbed the Track, as she blesses all the traveling and passing on the highway Moscow – Saint Petersburg.

It is noteworthy that the consecration of the chapel will be the first major event in the year of the 100th anniversary of the execution of the Royal family and will take place on Shrove Sunday in a sign of forgiveness and repentance.

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