MAC could read the flight data recorder of the crashed An-148

On the website of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) reported that experts within the Commission on investigation of accident of plane An‑148 of the night could recover information from corrupted parametric recorder. We are working with speech “a black box”.


MAC is informed that due to damage to protected memory modules, the experts had to work all night. They are completely dismantled and then disassembled solid-state storage media, installed them in terrestrial technological device, I restored the information and feed the plumes, and thus able to copy the existing data.

The report said that the media found a record of 16 flights of An-148, including on the last, which ended in disaster. Now experts decode these records.

In addition, work is continuing on the preparation of media information audio recorder to copy.


The Commission held talks with the Authorized representative of the National Bureau of aircraft accident investigation of Ukraine, and also representatives of ANTONOV, which was developed by the crashed plane, and also designed and manufactured the engines.

“At the moment, the investigation Commission is awaiting the decision of the Ukrainian side about the date of arrival and composition of the team of specialists”, – is spoken in the message.

The crash of An-148 aircraft, flying from Moscow to Orsk. Chronicle of events

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