MAC has completely restored a picture of wreck of An-148

Experts MAC after decoding the parametric data recorder told what exactly happened with the plane An-148.


First of all, according to the Agency, the Commission on investigation of the reasons of wreck of An-148 found that during the whole flight Parking all three receivers full pressure (PAP) was in the off state. In all previous flights have involved heated before takeoff at the Executive launch.

After takeoff, the crew turned on the autopilot. However, after 2 min 30 sec after separation at an altitude of about 1300 meters and instrument speed 465-470 km/h began to develop a special situation – the discrepancy in speed readings.

After ~25 seconds the differences reached ~30 km/h and there was a single command (the message crew): Vприборная – COMPARE. After the command worked the second time, and the discrepancy increased, the crew disconnected the autopilot.

In the future, the aircraft was transferred to the intensive decline with the corners of the pitch to dive 30-35 degrees and a vertical overload of up to 0 g.

The collision with the ground occurred about 11:27:05. The plane reached a speed of 800 km/h.

Previously experts believe that a factor in the development of special situations in flight could be incorrect information on airspeed indicators on the pilots, which in turn was apparently due to icing PPD when in the off state of the system heating them.

Now work will continue on the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder.

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