Made of money the exhibits shown in the Museum of Moscow

In the Museum of Moscow has submitted dozens of samples of vintage furniture, clothes and weapons from the Museum collection… Artist, author Krokin gallery Dmitry Tsvetkov turned them into incredible art objects.

photo: Press service of the Museum of Moscow

The garments, created by Dmitry Tsvetkov: everyday and ceremonial things that cause pride in the uniform, overcoat, gala uniforms, gorgeous dresses, secretly stored fetishes and jewelry. The artist is famous in the domestic and international scene as the author, long and fruitfully develop the theme of fine needlework, crossed with regalia and attributes of Imperial and militarist consciousness.

– All my life sew. I am the seamstress, the artist says. – Sew inspirational awards medals… Love it. The exhibition is called “Cabinets of Moscow”, as we are interesting in the capital’s cupboards. In the cabinets on the Arbat is one, in cabinets on Kutuzovsky — both in Lyubertsy or in Biryulyovo — third. Everywhere are quite different things. Somewhere jewel-somewhere- stuff, some Christmas decorations, wrapped in a Stalinist newspaper… I am interested in the interactive, so people came and said, “But I have in the cupboard these things are.”.

Very popular among the visitors enjoyed the collection of “Odour”, which consists entirely of real money. Dresses, jackets, pants, skirts — all cut from banknotes…

– Money… Money is a cotton – Flowers says, laughing. – They are well sewn, crease. Dollars and rubles are washed in washing machines are brilliant. And how they smell! Imagine how beautiful to go to a restaurant and tear off the sleeve, paying…

Among the exhibits: furniture of the XIX – XX centuries in the Biedermeier, neo-classicism and art Nouveau. Emerging from the doors of modern and antique furniture, objects reveal to the audience the possibility of creative reinterpretation of heritage, engage in a playful relationship — as with everyday objects and with the concepts of luxury, glamour and “timeless values”.

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