Moscow teacher, who offered to release students to the toilet, for help, fired

In the Moscow Lyceum № 1795 fired teacher who disseminated among parents a memo banning their children to go to the toilet during a lesson, reports TASS. As the Director of the institution Valentina Setagawa, the ban was “a personal initiative of one teacher in one class”, the teacher has exceeded his authority.


“With the employee who committed the violation, terminated the employment relationship, in the class assigned to the new homeroom teacher,” – said Setagawa, adding that parents who received this illegal newsletter from the employee brought a personal apology.

On the memo was reported on 11 February. The document was circulated among parents of schoolchildren. It said that the way out of class “in need” during a lesson is only possible on the basis of medical certificate confirming that the child is unable to tolerate for forty-five minutes. Parents asked to warn children to go to the toilet should be in between lessons.

The public would suspect a strange malice of the Department of education of Moscow, but it turned out that officials in Moscow have nothing to do with. In turn, the high school principal apologized to parents for the misinformation and stated that it did not have anything to do with this order is the initiative of one of the student leaders.

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