Portrait of Yevgeny Yevtushenko graced the collection of the Tretyakov gallery

In continuation of the program “Sponsors and donors — the Tretyakov gallery” Museum presents this year’s first event: the gift of the company “Neksia Pacholi” paintings “Portrait of E. A. Evtushenko” (1959) Boris Birger.

B. G. Birger. Portrait of the poet E. A. Evtushenko. 1959. Fragment.
Photo: press service of the state Tretyakov gallery

Nonconformist artists has created a gallery of portraits of prominent cultural figures of his time. The painting “Portrait of E. A. Evtushenko” came from the collection of the family of the physicist Michael Levin, a close friend of Birger. The artist, like the poet, looked for new means of expression, its own unique artistic language. And it seemed to bring them closer. Painting opened a portrait gallery in the works of Birger. In the 1960s the artist was in search of a new stage in his painting.

The portrait was an artistic statement in the spirit of French painting of the early twentieth century. It is written in a free manner of painting in gray and lilac palette with vivid strokes of scarlet color. All means of expression directed at transferring an accurate image of the poet, especially as a creative person. Thoughtful, yet serious look at the poet shows all the vitality of his character.

The portrait represents the early period of the art of Birger and significantly complements the collection of works of the artist in the Tretyakov gallery. The flow works, the Museum continues the tradition of forming a gallery of portraits of outstanding figures of Russian culture, founded by Pavel Tretyakov.

Gallery summed up in 2017, dedicated to the launch of a long-term program “Sponsors and donors — the Tretyakov gallery” in the Museum’s collection donated 1936 works of art.

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