Study: sexually satisfying one another, the spouses often go “left»

A good sex life in the family is traditionally considered a natural barrier on the way of adultery. However, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Florida, suggests otherwise: satisfied by their spouses, by contrast, tend to “walk left.”

The researchers interviewed for three and a half year 233 pairs newlyweds, asking them to tell about satisfaction from family life and sexual contacts, including on the side.

In the second part of the experiment the subjects were shown pictures of attractive people and watched the immediate reactions of their eyes. According to researchers, those who were detained look at the presented pictures longer than average, more prone to cheating.

Potentially “infidels” were participants who reported that sex within the family they are completely satisfied. Scientists explained this by the fact that sexually satisfied by their spouses, however, in search of new sensations increasingly looking for partners on the side.

Notable was the fact that men with attractive wives are less likely to change. But in the case of women who are beautiful men, all exactly the opposite.

The researchers note that this proves a well known fact that men “love eyes”, reports The Daily Mail.

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