The court found Yulia Savinovskih man to pick up her children

The Ordzhonikidzevsky district court of Ekaterinburg has published the reasoning part of the decision about deprivation of the inhabitant of Yekaterinburg Yulia Savinovskih, which had previously reduced her chest, custody of two children. It turned out that she was declared a male and her marriage – same-sex. The experts believe that this was the only opportunity for the court to make the decision to take the children from women.

Alex Bashmakow, the lawyer of Yulia Savinovskih, published in his Facebook pictures part the reasoning of the judgment. It says that in the course of the trial it was established that Savinovskih V. with 11.11.201 years is married to a citizen Sokov E. V. At the same time under the Family code, marriage can only be man and woman, the registration of same-sex marriage is prohibited in Russia. The court decided that since Savinovskih considers himself male and is striving to enact a social role peculiar to the male sex, it “contradicts the principles of the family legislation of our country, traditions and mentality of our society.”

In other words, the court recognized Savinovskih a man and her same-sex marriage. This court and considered sufficient grounds for exemption from Savinovskih the duties of a guardian.

In November 2017, “MK” in his article “breast Reduction-seventh the size of said family tragedy” reported that Savinovskih custody seized two foster children with disabilities since decided that the woman decided to have a sex change. The fact that Julia Savinovskih had an operation for breast reduction, because after breastfeeding three children, she greatly expanded, which caused the woman discomfort. In addition, Julia was in the Network diary on behalf of transgender, which caused suspicion care. She Savinovskih claimed that a sex change wasn’t going to, that she has a husband, children, and blog on behalf of transgender just her literary imagination, so it seemed interesting.

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