The former head of Moore was suspected of involvement in extortion at the Director of the Institute

New details emerged in the investigation of resonant business about extortion at the research Institute. P. I. Snegireva, which is in production of the Main military investigatory management SK the Russian Federation. In 2017, the operatives were detained five officers of the FSB, demanded money from the Director of the Institute. And recently, a new defendant in a criminal case was a former high-ranking employee of the Moscow police, General Viktor Trutnev — he is suspected of brokering bribes.


As reported “MK”, last summer, at the suburban security officers sparked the corruption scandal is arrested the Deputy chief 7-go Interdistrict Department UFSB Alexey Kruglov, head of Department of the FSB in Sochi, Denis Semenov, operatives of the Roman Nadezhdin, Alexei Vinokourov and Arthur Yusufov. While Alexei Kruglov and Roman Nadezhdin was charged with receiving a bribe, and the rest were accused of bribery mediation.

Security officers asked 3 million rubles from the Director of the research Institute. P. I. Snegireva Igor Grigoriev (Institute is one of Russia’s leading developers of mechanical and electro-mechanical fuzes for ammunition). Security officers found the flaws in the design of staff threatened the Director criminal case under article “Fraud” or “Embezzlement”. I was willing to overlook violations of the eye. Grigoriev chose to apply to the CSS of the FSB.

In the course of a criminal investigation recently, the investigators came back to one suspect — 57-year-old General Viktor Trutnev and descended to him with a search warrant. The former head of the Moscow criminal investigation Department and the police Department CAO currently resides in suburban Moscow village Bykovka Podolsk district. With his wife Irina, he got divorced, and grown sons the same age live alone work in law enforcement agencies — one in the FSB (with the rank of major), the other a Colonel in Regardie. During a search of the house Trutnev took the certificate of ownership of the land and the house.

Note, after the dismissal of Trutnev in 2011 from law enforcement agencies Ministry of interior (gossip that it was affected by insulting the inscription on the pavement in front of the Academy of the interior Ministry, which mentioned the then interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev), the General became the first Deputy General Director of one of the Metalworking firms.

He then took the position of security chief for a construction company. But, apparently, supported the former. During interrogation in the Main military investigation Department of the January 29 General was bad. Preinfarction condition, he was hospitalized at Botkin hospital. Trutnev identified in intensive care, then transferred to the cardiology Department, and January 31, was released from the hospital. The mood in General is positive, it is cooperating with the investigation. It elected a measure of restraint in the form of recognizance not to leave.

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