The Internet has struck the illusion, able on three months to change the perception

On the Internet actively discussed the visual illusion, makes you see pink and greenish tint when viewed on a black and white image. The most amazing thing in it is that to be “under the influence” of the so-called effect of McCullough for a few minutes, and then some people stay under it for months.


The essence of the illusion is that the person needs to alternately look at the image with horizontal red stripes and green vertical stripes on a black background. After looking at this image which contains only black and white color, many see it pinkish and greenish stripes. The illusion works with other contrasting colors — in this case “shades” of black-and-white pictures are different.

Although some media called the illusion of “new”, it was more than half a century ago, in 1965. However, as sometimes happens, it has now been found in the Internet are extremely “fashionable”.

However, probably, for some people, the illusion almost works. In the comments on her videos, many say that for them, black-and-white stripes remain black and white even after “would” change the color.

In the past, the Internet is already “flew” a variety of illusion, demonstrating that colors that a person sees, is much more dependent on perception than fact, as they are in reality. One of the most visible example is the picture of strawberries, which appears red, although no red Pixela on pictures not. This is due to the greenish-blue background of the entire image, the “amendment” which subconsciously makes people trying to determine the color. The same principle explains, perhaps, the most “famous” in recent years, the illusion of this kind — a picture of the dress, which some people perceive as white and gold and others as blue and black. By the way, in November last year, the Internet spread a similar photo of flip-flops.

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