The kidnapping of over $120 000: revelations the girl’s mother, stolen from a Vienna hotel

The abduction of the little Russians in far away Austria started yesterday law enforcement bodies of Moscow. Capital management TFR opened a criminal case on the fact of the disappearance of 3-year-old eve in the hotel “Bianca” in the capital of Austria on December 28. However, the mystery of the kidnapping is not necessary to speak — the situation is fairly transparent. “MK” has found out details first hand from mother eve.

Alena is with little Eva.

As reported by the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung, with daughter Eva went to Germany for treatment. At the insistence of her husband, 36-year-old Lebanese mudgee she decided to spend with him Christmas day in Vienna. The couple booked a room in Viennese hotel “Bianca” from 26 to 30 December. One of these days the Lebanese suggested to my wife to meet in the city, and to leave the child with the nanny at the hotel. But as it turned out, all this was done in order to divert the attention of Anna and abduct the girl.

“MK” contacted the Vienna hotel “Bianca”. Our interviewee who answered the phone, willingly responded to the request to tell about the case, noting that about him at all still remember. According to her, at the end of December at the reception asked the Russian woman who asked to open your room, as it was locked, and both keys was her husband. When using the staff, she managed to get into the room, discovered that neither the nanny, not the child in it, and all things are collected and taken away.

“She said she went to the city shopping, leaving the child with a babysitter in the hotel room, and then, as promised to her husband, they were supposed to meet at the restaurant, said in the hotel. But she didn’t wait, so I returned one.” The abduction was carried out so brilliantly that no one in the hotel not suspicious. “Perhaps the nurse herself brought the child out of the room to tell my dad in the street,” suggested the hotel. At the request of postality staff immediately called the police.

According to the employee “Bianca”, the police came to the hotel only once, after inspecting the scene and asking a few questions to the staff. Since the end of December the guards never saw at the hotel, so our interlocutor herself vividly asked whether it was possible to find the girl.

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The hotel described the participants of the incident as a normal couple, which differed little from most guests. If the victim herself has not asked for help, “Bianca” is unlikely to be found out what family drama played out within their walls.

The newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports that after the abduction of mudgee along with the nanny and the girl allegedly went to Lebanon. The child’s mother at the same time, as planned, went to Germany.

In the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in the Republic of Austria “MK” explained that while unable to provide information about the abduction, but soon promised to post the press release on the website of the Embassy in Facebook.

And that’s what we told the girl’s mother Alena.

– My husband and mudgee El-Ali, I met in 2007 when I went to learn Arabic. I at the time of the parent company Russian Railways has transferred to a subsidiary company engaged in projects in the East — in Syria, Iran and Libya. In the service I had to learn the Arabic language. I enrolled in school and on the weekends our group classes were held in the restaurant where we communicated with native speakers, among whom were mudgee. About seven years we met, and in February 2014 I learned that the position.

That the child will have identified a number of abnormalities no one knew. The pregnancy had gone well and the doctors said that the fetus is all right. October 26, 2014 was born the eve and during the examination doctors discovered she had Hirschsprung’s disease and emphysema of the right lung. On the second day after birth she was transferred to the hospital, and I have a radically changed life. I married mudgee. He convinced me that it is necessary. His main argument was that Russia was hit by sanctions, and her daughter had to take for treatment in Europe. As he is a citizen of Lebanon, that, according to him, the treatment because of this would be better.

– Tell us about the lifestyle of your spouse. He worked somewhere? Than fond of?

Suspected husband.

– Income in the family he did not bring. Lived on my maternity leave plus parents helped me (Alena’s father was head of one of the key departments of RZD). Home flew to Moscow for a few days and then flew to the UAE or home for one to two weeks. With his words, he was selling electricity, but no evidence for this. His position he justified by the fact that on the market. One day he told me that he had arranged in the American insurance company, but his partner kept calling me when MADI wasn’t home and asked why my husband hasn’t been to work. Soon he was expelled, and when I asked what he was doing he replied that it was none of my business. Free time he spent in conversations with relatives.

– What do you know about the family MADI?

– His parents have only seven sons and two daughters. The home is a two bedroom apartment in Tripoli in which all relatives living assaults. One day, in 2015, doctors advised eve to live there, where the dry climate and we went to her husband home. Two of his brothers, two wives, among them there are Catholics and Christians. But, like true Arabs, they are not considered women.

– Mardi professed Islam? Tell us about his religious views.

– Yes, he is a Muslim, but not radical. Always set the example of his brothers saying that his family respect other religions. Only once I saw him in namaz.

– What was your relationship? Are there still feelings?

– About feelings was out of the question. We rarely saw when he arrived. And when we from Tripoli went with him to the Emirates, it all began to me to find fault with and even beat. I decided to get a divorce.

– We know that you had a babysitter. Tell us how she appeared in your house?

– Yes, Tajik by the name Nazokat. She first worked as a Concierge we have in the entrance. In 2015 MADI brought her and said she was good to eve and convinced me to hire her as a nanny. At first she from time to time come and help me, and then retired and moved to our three. Magdi paid her 35 thousand rubles. Where is he getting this money I don’t know.

– How did you end up in Germany?

– At the beginning of 2017, the doctors said that eve needs an urgent operation on her lung. Friends have recommended to be surveyed in Germany and they told us that required urgent intervention. The cost of surgery and treatment (25 thousand euros) paid for my parents. 1st August 2017 eve removed part of the right lung, and in January, 2018, we agreed to come back to pass inspection. All the time after the operation mudgee was in the Emirates, and in December of last year I began to write. He said he wants to restore good relations that he misses his daughter and I believed it. Maggie has insisted that he wants to stop for a while in Austria before the examination at the Dresden clinic. On December 25 we arrived at the train station Vienna (the child is not allowed flights). People in the country celebrated Christmas, we had a good time, I went to the zoo, and in the evening of the 27th I was told that in the morning I go to the store, Eva diet and the right products. In the evening Maggi left the room, saying he went to smoke hookah, and I didn’t see it.

– And how he kidnapped eve? Everything was happening before your eyes?

The next day I woke up and woke the babysitter. Daughter slept, and my husband in the room and did not appear. As planned, I went for groceries and after a while got in touch with Magdi and with the nanny. They both claimed to walk with Eva, and they are fine. We agreed to meet at the restaurant. Arriving at the place, I couldn’t get through to them and waited in school for about two hours. For me no one came, and I went to the hotel. I was told that all the keys given Mardi, but after I raised a scandal, the hotel staff opened our room. It was empty. Neither eve, nor nurse, nor MADI nor things. Gone even my clothes. In one of the bags was money — 12 thousand Euro and my jewelry pendants, cross. I asked at the reception and I was recommended to go to the police. To the station with me went to a hotel representative. But halfway through I got a call Majdi and said that if I go to the police, he will never see daughter. He also promised that will come with eve in the evening where I have to wait for them. The call was from Wotsap tied to the Russian room, and after talking her husband stopped communicating.

– Long agonizing wait? Magdi kept his word?

– No. He called me later that evening and said that he and Eva are in Lebanon and now I’m going to do everything he says. He stated that he planned the abduction for a long time and in order to take out the daughter he has spent 120 thousand dollars. His main requirement was that I met in Moscow with his attorney, signed some papers and then I can arrive to Lebanon.

– What have you made of the action addressed?

– At the Russian Consulate, I was advised me to find another husband and give birth to him and I in tears went back to the police. But all to no avail. Later I received a message from the hospital, where he was scheduled a visit to eve. The message said that Magdi tried to claim remaining in the account of the daughter in the Viennese clinic 9 thousand euros, specifying the details of the Moscow bills. But fortunately, the money he sent nobody. After some time I was contacted by a nanny who did not say where she said that only gave the baby to the father, and he’s already left for the airport. I looked at the schedule — that day in Lebanon aircraft was not.

– It turns out local law enforcement officers had all the chances to find him hot on the trail?

– Certainly. Majdi recently wrote to me and told me that eve had, and she’s fine. But how can it be right, when she absolutely can not doughnuts, but he sent me a picture of her from “Dunkin ‘ donuts”? He wrote to my father that he wants reconciliation, and asked to send me to him to Lebanon.

– In a press-service GSU SK across Moscow told us that after you turned in the media was tested and its results have opened a criminal case under article “Abduction of minors committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion”. You spoke with the investigator? Are there any forecasts?

– Yes, I really appealed to journalists to draw attention to his grief. After the publicity and filed a case. The apartment was searched and was found things Maggi. And among them is his record, which speaks of ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), and training camps. As was discovered a document certified by a notary of the capital on the composition of his family. It States that the place of birth Magdi — Aleppo, but his passports (Russian and Lebanese) is the city of Tripoli. Besides that found records with the prayers of the nanny. These writings say that she had a relationship with a man. In addition Majdi she hasn’t been in contact with. The investigator told me that at present, a request was made to Interpol, is set by how the child was removed. And all records Majdi and Stella and I were transferred to the FSB.

– You admit that Maggi could join the terrorists? After all, if the reason why he kidnapped a disabled child?

– I don’t think he’s a terrorist, but he may well be their accomplice. And with the help of eve, he wants to manipulate me and my family. When I placed the post in social network I was talking to the Arabs, who were told that Majdi conman and smuggling of tobacco.

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2 thoughts on “The kidnapping of over $120 000: revelations the girl’s mother, stolen from a Vienna hotel

  1. Alena Pavlenko

    In den EU-Ländern die Terroristen in der Sicherheit!
    Am 28. Dezember 2017, ganz im Herzen Österreichs, in Wien war das russische Kind (El-Ali Salu Eva Majdievna) weggenommen. Die Veröffentlichung in Österreich «KronenZeitung», der Korrespondent Alexander Bischofberger – Mahr. Nach den Dokumenten, das Kind ist vom eigenen Vater, dem Bürger Libanons El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali weggenommen. Die vorläufige Untersuchung hat vorgeführt, dass sich El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali als den Syrer, (die notariell versicherte Auskunft wird beigefügt), in direkter Beziehung stehend zur Terroristengruppe IGIL erwiesen hat. Sich in der Hauptstadt Österreichs fühlend, wie zu Hause, er im Mitbringsel Bjanka, die sich unter Kontrolle der Migrationsdienste zu befinden, da in ihr die Bürger aufstellen, wünschend ruhig aufgestellt wurde, die österreichische Staatsangehörigkeit zu bekommen.
    Für heute, die föderalen Ämter der Sicherheit Russlands führen die offizielle Untersuchung, über die Mitwirkung El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali an den syrischen Banden des Terrorismus ИГИЛ. Im Laufe der Durchsuchung in der Wohnung, wo der Verdächtigte wohnte, sind die Aufzeichnungen, die die Brigadiers aufzählen (die Kommandeure) der terroristischen Banden der Bildungen ИГИЛ in Syrien gefunden. Die gegebenen Papiere sind von der Hand am meisten El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali (geschrieben es ist die Expertise der Handschrift von den Diensten des föderalen Amtes der Sicherheit der Russischen Föderation durchgeführt), die Kopie der gefundenen Papiere wird beigefügt. Laut Meldung der Mitarbeiter des föderalen Amtes der Sicherheit der Russischen Föderation, der Verbrecher lernte die Ehefrau, laut der Verfügung der Führung der terroristischen Banden der Bildungen ИГИЛ von vornherein kennen.
    Da die Gesetzgebung der Russischen Föderation das Verbot, von der Abfuhr der Kinder von den Territorien der Russischen Föderation, ohne Einverständnis des zweiten Ehemannes hart beachtet, ist der Verbrecher erzwungen zu verwenden, die verfügbare Zone, die die gesetzgebende Basis Russlands nicht berücksichtigt. Das Verhalten des Verbrechers El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali beweist, auf dem Territorium Österreichs und des Territoriums der benachbarten europäischen Staaten, er fühlte sich frei ohne irgendwelche Befürchtungen. Beweis ist die Tatsache, dass von Wien die Flugzeuge zu Libanon nicht fliegen. Er war erzwungen, auf dem Wagen, die Grenze Österreichs zu überqueren, um ins Nachbarland der Europäischen Union zu geraten, aus dem die Flugzeuge zu Libanon fliegen. Die Polizei Wiens versuchte nicht, die Tatsache des Diebstahls zu verhindern. Der Zeit, um die Flughäfen der Europäischen Union zu benachrichtigen war es genug. Aus den obengenannten Informationen kann man schließen, dass sich die Terroristen frei auf dem Territorium Europas fühlen, sie ebenso verwenden Europa für die faulen Geschichten.

    Der vorliegende Artikel einführend, ist von der Mutter des gestohlenen Mädchens (El-Ali Salu Eva Majdievna), der Bürgerin der Russischen Föderation Pavlenko Alena Vasilievna geschrieben.
    Pavlenko Alena

  2. Alena Pavlenko

    In the European Union in terrorist security!
    On December 28, 2017, a child was kidnapped in the heart of Austria in one Russian (El-Ali Salu Eva Majdievna). In the publication of Austria’s “Kronen Zeitung” correspondent Alexander Bischofberger-mahr. According to the document, the child was kidnapped by his own father grain Lean El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali. To prevail recycled showed that El-Ali Ali Magi Ali were Shiraz (notary Saver help planets), of direct relevance to terrorist group ISIS. Feeling himself in the capital of Austria and at home, he quietly placed in the position of Bianca, which is under the control of migration services, as it houses citizens wishing to obtain Austrian citizenship. To date, the Federal Security service of Russia is leading the official recycled production of stone El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali to Syrian group terrorism ISIS. In the process of raid in the apartment where the suspect lived entries were found, listing the Brigadier (commanders) the terrorist gangs of ISIS in Syria. These papers are written by the hand of El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali (carried out examination of handwriting services of the Federal Security service of the Russian Federation), a copy of the found papers attached. According to the staff of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, the offender was initially acquainted with his wife by order of the leadership of the terrorist gangs of ISIS.
    Since the legislation of the Russian Federation strictly complies with the ban on the removal of children from the territories of the Russian Federation without the consent of the second spouse, the offender was forced to use a more accessible zone, which does not take into account the legislative base of Russia. The behavior of the offender El Ali Salu Majdi Ali proves in Austria and neighbouring European countries, he felt freely without any fear. The proof is the fact that planes do not fly from Vienna to Lebanon. He was forced by car to cross the border of Austria in order to get to a neighboring country of the European Union, from which planes fly to Lebanon. Vienna police did not even try to prevent the abduction. There was plenty of time to notify the EU airports. From the above information, we can make only one conclusion that terrorists do not just feel free in Europe, they also use Europe for their dirty deeds.

    This article is a study written by the mother of the kidnapped girls (El-Ali Salu Majdi Ali), a citizen of the Russian Federation Alena Pavlenko told. Ready for a constructive conversation. +79253699890
    Alena Pavlenko 18.02.2018


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