The Ministry of construction will reduce the period after which you can be defrauded investors

To obtain the status of defrauded shareholders three months earlier will be able to buyers of apartments in new buildings problematic.


The appropriate changes to your order made the Ministry of construction. Under the old rules, the interest holders are officially recognised cheated, if the developer managed to defer the delivery of the house for nine months. Now the citizen gets to the victims ‘ registry, if dishonest builders will not give him the keys to their housing six months after the contract date.

In addition, the lists of problem real estate investors officials will even include those who bought flats in the illegally constructed houses. This high-rise building, built in circumvention of the law on land designed for individual houses or even not stipulated by the urban development plan. But the victim of the scammers who sell one apartment to two buyers, the opportunity to get to the list of defrauded investors under the new rules will lose.

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