The Russians will have to beat debt without the help of bailiffs

To unload once the bailiffs decided the Ministry of justice. Officials want to debts up to 100 thousand rubles, the claimants were knocked from debtors themselves. The corresponding bill is already prepared.


The Department developed amendments to the law “On enforcement proceedings”. The changes will affect the procedure of debt recovery of wages, pensions and scholarships. According to current regulations of debt up to 25 thousand rubles for plaintiffs to recover on their own, without referring to the bailiffs. The same procedure is provided for the recovery of maintenance. To do this, the plaintiff needs to obtain a court writ and take it to the company where the debtor (or in a University where he studies, or the Department of the pension Fund at the place of residence of the debtor-the pensioner). Now, however, officials decided that victorious in the courts, citizens can easily cope with more serious amounts of without straining bailiffs. So 25 thousand rubles in the updated law is expected to change at 100 thousand. As the authors of the bill in the explanatory Memorandum, enforcement proceedings — undertaking complex and in such cases unnecessary from the point of view of labor costs. In addition, the Ministry of justice believe that to find yourself in the actual work place of the debtor (or multiple locations if the would-be defendant takes them like gloves), for creditors much more convenient than communicating with the bailiff. Moreover, according to officials, in such a way the plaintiffs will be able to more quickly get the coveted money.

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