Yaroslavtsev scared “official” messages about the threat of radiation

Residents of the Yaroslavl region on Tuesday morning, frightened by reports about the threat of radiation: in television and radio, they are encouraged to prepare personal protective equipment, as well as stay in tightly enclosed spaces. Later it turned out that it was a false alarm.

photo: pixabay.com

The main Directorate of MOE in Yaroslavl region appealed to residents of the region with a request to remain calm, after local TV channels has warned them of the danger of radiation contamination. It turned out that the alert system has been a technical glitch

“There was a system failure of the software broadcasting station. At the moment the radiation background is normal”, — stated in the message of GU Ministry of emergency situations.

Tuesday morning on television and radio Yaroslavtsev signalled that the region has experienced elevated levels of radiation. “Prepare PPE and keep them to yourself. Check the sealing of premises, Windows and doors. Unless absolutely necessary do not leave the premises. Seal products, stock up on water,” said a voice from TV and radio.

Recall January 13 of Hawaii residents panicked when they received a warning of a missile strike from North Korea. In messages sent on mobile phones, citizens are encouraged “to immediately find shelter.” Only after 38 minutes announced that it was a false alarm.

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