Beat here: DJ Smash ID’d ex-Deputy telepneva

Wild the story of the beating in the Perm club musician Andrey Shirman, aka Dj Smash took the expected turn. During the investigation of the attack on the artist of the identification parade was held, and the DJ is officially stated on the ex-Deputy, the incumbent United Russia Alexander telepneva. The second offender, he called a friend policy, a certain Sergei Vankevich. Smahs previously insisted: these two pounced on him with fists. In social networks the artist has placed the collages with friends “in jail.”

Photo: facebook.comSMASH.

“The identification took place today. The victim recognized the attackers as Alexander telepneva and Sergei Vankevich”, — said the lawyer of the artist.

According to him, during questioning, his client told investigators how Telepnev, like the master of sports on rukopashke, hit him where, and how often.

As stated earlier Telepnev, it has nothing to do with this crime is irrelevant. United Russia – the party has already promised to suspend his membership, if the information is confirmed – argued that respects the DJ and in that ill-fated day approached him for a joint selfie. All lies what they write in the media, discrediting! – insisted the former MP.

Smahs partially confirmed this version. According to him, the club actually took a picture with Telepnev and his friend Vankelecom, but the photo turned out not very: Vankevich cut (this picture Telepnev just published in the social network: indeed, crop failure).

According to the musician, after some time he was approached by Vankevich and drunk the language asked for a new photo, and received a refusal. And then – jolt, falling, dragging on the floor and punches came to the rescue to a friend telepneva – version DJ. And then – “open fracture of jaw with displacement, fracture of the bones of the face right cheek, closed cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion and much more”.

In the social network Smash turned to popsicies from among those who that night 10 February we were in the club and saw anything. He asked the witnesses not to be afraid and to tell the police, promising security and privacy. Post this request Smash accompanied a photo telepneva and Vankevich pririsoval bars.

Attention! If you have witnesses of the incident in the club “House of Culture”, if you know something, but have not testified because they are afraid or you are not allowed to do, or you have additional information on the aggressors telepneva and Vankevich and facts of their offenses in the past – please contact me on HELPSMASH@MAIL.RU Full support and confidentiality is guaranteed personally. Such individuals have no place in our society. In the Perm region is quite special establishments to be happy for a long time to take these two vampires. They should get what they deserve!

Publication from Smash (@djsmash) Feb 14, 2018 at 12:01 PST

According to his lawyer provided to date, the identification data is changing the qualification of the crime, now the case will be considered under part 2 of article 112 of the criminal code (“Deliberate infliction of medium-gravity damage to health committed by a group of persons”). If the fault of the person of the musician is proved, to them threatens till five years.

As follows from the statement of the lawyer, some of the witnesses have already made contact and provided evidence confirming the words of the victim.

According to some, currently, Telepnev “hiding”. Mash in your Telegram channel writes with reference to sources in the party, United Russia already for several days not answering her phone and ignores all messages. In his social media accounts also appeared recent comments about the scandal.

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