Called the man’s mother explained why the court did not return to her children

Savinovskih Julia from Yekaterinburg, where a year ago, seized custody of two children with disabilities for fear that the woman is preparing to change his gender, the court refused to return the kids. Substantiated decision of the judge is quite exotic: allegedly, Yulia sees himself as a man, and so it is. Moreover, is same-sex marriage with her lawful husband. Perhaps we will be able to give children the education?

The fact that the passport Julia is a woman, the court is not confused. In addition, the decision not to give Yulia has been enacted before the results came PSIKHOLOGO-psychiatric examination. And it says that deviations from a large mother no.

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Recall the essence of the story: 40-year-old Julia with her husband raised five children — three of blood and two reception rooms. Claims to the family with the special care it was not until until Julia decided to do surgery to remove mammary glands . The woman says: I went to such drastic measure because after three childbirth and breastfeeding, the Breasts have lost their shape. But care decided that the woman made the first step towards becoming a man. Besides, Julia blogged on behalf of transgender.

Foster kids of the family, of course, was taken. Here already half a year, Julia in court fighting for the opportunity to return the boys, who are the couple preparing to adopt.

In this she refused again. Moreover, the arguments of the court raise questions. Here’s what it says in the reasoning of the decision, an excerpt of which was posted on the page in the social network, the lawyer of Yulia Alexey Bashmakov.

“Identification Savinovskih Yu himself as a representative of the male given the state of her marriage with a man, the desire to adopt the social roles characteristic of the male sex, is inherently contrary to the principles of the family legislation of our country, traditions and mentality of our society…»

– This decision is a kind of precedent. The judge ruled that since Julia had removed the breast and blogged on behalf of transgender, so she became a man. But let us, as lawyers when making decisions should be guided by documents. And Yulia in the passport it is written that she is a woman. She didn’t do the sex change surgery, the children call her mother, husband, wife. I can identify with the elephant. And what I now have in the zoo to put? – says the lawyer.

The lawyer was surprised that the decision the judge made, without waiting for the results of psychological and psychiatric examination, which Yulia appointed investigators.

– I convinced the judge to wait for this document, because in the framework of this examination, the investigators asked experts to give the answer whether my doveritelnyi mental illnesses that prevent her to be a guardian. Today we received the results of the research State experts, psychiatrists, state with full responsibility that Savinovskih no mental disorder that would leave the children with her. So why was it so hurry with the decision?

On his page in the social network Alex Bashmakov posted an excerpt from the opinion of specialists.

The doctors felt that “Savinovskih Yu In the not identified of mental disorder, which defines its inability to adequately ensure the individual needs of children and the danger of leaving children with adults, and would have a negative impact on the status and development of children…»

Julia herself says that the judge took this decision, because during the hearing, she refused to answer in the way in which it was requested.

They wanted me to the labels hung. And I really didn’t want to do it. In any situation I feel human. A man and a woman is a gender role and I will do whatever is required of me according to that role. I had three children, my family, my husband calls me a female name, I never addressed in bodies the registry office with a request to change documents from male to female. I wasn’t planning on doing phalloplasty, to apply hormones. My children call me mom. Including the oldest daughter, progressive that if I asked him to contact me in male form, she would have done it. So, why was I in court to have considered the man?

Soon Julia is a lawyer going to appeal the decision.

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