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Vice-Champions of Russia have resumed its European path matches against Serbian “red Star” in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League

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Vice-Champions of Russia have resumed its European path matches against Serbian “red Star” in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League

Sports fans Hello! “Interfax” the text begins coverage of the first match of 1/16 final of UEFA Europa League between Serbian red Star and CSKA Moscow!

The game will take place in Belgrade today and starts at 20:00 Moscow time

For leading domestic clubs “spring part of the season” traditionally starts in mid-February. However, not all leading, but only those who are more or less tolerable, made in the autumn in the group stage of the Euro Cup tournaments

However, this time our clubs really performed well and as a result, four Russian teams were in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League. It is unfortunate that until the fall (and football European Cup, the autumn usually occurs in the summer) had to say goodbye to the Champions League, but Oh well.

But we can acquaint you with the starting roster for the match

Our lineup for #Cruiseswingers! pic.twitter.com/SgDhJ4sI9g

— PFC CSKA Moscow /sport/598526″>to permit the presence of spectators at the match with CSKA

The team is slowly preparing to enter the field

“Crvena Zvezda” – 30-time champion, reigning Vice-champion of Serbia

Yes, the team on the field. Now sounding of the anthem of the Europa League, and then, suddenly, the match starts!

By the way, the beginning of the game will be preceded by a minute of silence. The match participants will honor the memory of the victims of the recent plane crash near Moscow…


The match is underway! With the ball – the players of “red”. With whistle – Polish referee Paul Raczkowski


However, relatively quickly, the visitors managed to intercept the ball


Now this arena is almost overflowing

We’re here! #Chronospace pic.twitter.com/sSJAgiTczw

CSKA fans★RBWorld (@RBWorldorg) February 13, 2018


Stadium “the red Star” with capacity of 55 thousand curious spectators


Maybe some of you prefer this format compositions

Trains @crvenazvezdafk @pfc_cska

🏆 The 1/16 finals. The 1st match. @EuropaLeague #UEL
⚽ #Chronospace @crvenazvezdafk @pfc_cska
🏟 This Stadium: Rajko Mitic (Belgrade, Serbia)
⌚ 20:00 GMT pic.twitter.com/ByYN9WVYIE

— Premier League⚽ app🏆 (@rfpl) February 13, 2018


Center field is currently located the ball.


The ball at the feet of Akinfeev after a throw in the penalty box


For vitinho, opened in the centre of the penalty area, where, after receiving a pass from Kuchaeva from the left goalwards. Centered and struck, where the desired position of the goalkeeper


On the left flank held their attack hosts. With this maneuver, the army understood not as guests


Nemanja Radonjić has popped up one-on-one with Igor Akinfeev, to beat it could not, especially not tried: already knew that he was in a position “outside the game”


The goalkeeper of “red” precipitately left gate to intercept the ball. The ball, he could get it, but it made the soldier Golovin. He chipped over the goalkeeper Boryana ball, but the defenders of the Serbian club guard gate was backed up


For vitinho do not successfully threw the ball into the goal on the right, the ball left the field. However, the referees decided that the legs of the defender, and appointed the corner.

For vitinho beat learn!#Chronospace

— D. R. ヅ (@NickHaver) February 13, 2018


Failed Muscovites neither to score nor to linger at the gate “Stars” in this standard position


Vasili Berezutski right at the edge of the area was hit by al-Fard Ben Nabana, for which earned a yellow card and a dangerous free-kick of the opponent


The victim and punched. The ball flew above the gate. Akinfeev even contemptuously turned away from the ball


Dangerous CSKA attack on the left flank of the attack. Kuchaev shifted to the front line and shot along the gate: none of the partners could not close the chamber


Counterattack “red Star” ended with a shot off target from outside the penalty area. Along the way, Alexander Golovin knocked one of the attacking players. However, the ball remained with the Belgrade club. Golovin showed yellow, but later


Matches with participation of other Russian clubs will be held in the fourth


Right on the corner earned CSKA


Not releasing the name of the opponent out of his penalty area. So another corner


Golovin opened on the right flank of the attack, was unable to shoot because the defender turned the ball away for another corner


El-Fard Ben Nabhan was in an offside position, then walked around him in defence, but still calm. So you probably realized that CSKA with a corner still not scored


If I was a hockey fan, I would say: I like the attacking actions of the team in this game. But I can’t call myself a hockey fan. I’m a professional, to disclose his club preferences not accepted, must be neutral, otherwise look askance, reproachfully will shake his head, and then another, and cling: Oh, what a scoundrel you are, for their heat and not their own – just stoked!


Those journalists, who one of his three votes in the poll of the weekly “Football” on the topic “Who is the best footballer of the year in Russia” (really – who?) gave a guest book, I can proudly recollect about it and say to yourself: “Yes, I’m a true expert!”Just Igor parried the blow of an opponent after one on one!


By the way, I am one of those experts!


Nitsche so the game, right enough


Musa showed the thumb of the man after whom he pass the ball did not have time


Kuchaev threw the ball from the left flank almost under the crossbar. But above the gate


The judge really did not add anything to the first half. Apparently, in a hurry to find out what I learned about him in the broadcast written. That is something he will be disappointed: after all about him (Paul Raczkowski, Poland) I really didn’t write anything.


So, take a break. I’ll meet you in the second half!!


The second half began!


An impressive share pyrotechnics turned on the fans behind the “red Star”. However, due to the flow of smoke and I don’t see the gate.


The smoke completely enveloped the field, I can’t see anything! That’s dust on the monitor is visible, and the fields I do not see!


So, from a corner gave the hosts then took a shot into the top corner. Akinfeev reacted brilliantly and tipped the ball!


Golovin has forced the goalkeeper of “red” to join the game. Alexander fired a low shot from outside the box Bob was able to reflect


The penalty earned CSKA. Natcho lobbed on the front line, where Wernbloom wanted to throw the ball into the penalty area – the goalkeeper caught the projectile


It was hot now at the gate of CSKA after a corner kick. Defenders of CSKA were confused, and being under pressure of the rival, could not clear the ball in the box


Kuchaev about the movement bypassed the defender at a penalty corner the “red Star” and it was shot down by the defender. Quite a promising standard.


The goalkeeper of the Serbian team caught the ball aimed straight at the gate


El-Fard Ben Labuan head shot on target Igor Akinfeev after a pass on the right. Blow – luckily for fans of CSKA went off target, and by!


Golovin was beaten from distance by Keeper. One of them held up a leg than a bit changed the trajectory of the ball. But the guardian of the gates “red” coolly caught him and in such circumstances


Now I’ll say what had to say twenty minutes ago: substitutions in the compositions of each of the teams was not


Now a very good moment was at CSKA. Three players of CSKA attacks plus the defensive player of Crvena plus the goalkeeper. Musa received the ball on the left flank, he had several options for the development of the attack. The chosen option was potentially effective only for vitinho, who was already right in front of the penalty, “ahead” pass, the ball was behind him. There’s this ball and picked up the defender of “red”


Musa opened on the right, for vitinho tried from the penalty area arc for him to pass the ball – that, however, was intercepted by a defender


Look at the statistics. The score by strokes – 15:7 in favour of CSKA. The shots on target 5:2 in his favor.


The advantage on time of possession also CSKA: 60% -40%


The Radonjic’s shot from the left flank – no one had time to close. But from the opposite flank he proceeded towards the canopy which has closed by a head Krsticic, I…..


….the ball goes flying…… where he flies, on target, or what????


….past the gate, near the bar!!!


Oh, replace! Slavoljub Srnic came on for Nemanja Radonjić! This substitution of the “red Star”, the midfielder instead of a striker


The Serbian player struck his head on goal CSKA, the ball did not hit the target


Dzagoev was not able to accurately address the ball from the penalty area, which the army on the counterattack and caught. The efforts of defender Mario Fernandes of CSKA was able to stop her already in his box


By the way, Dzagoev should be aware of the social responsibility imposed on him one of the cheerleaders:

If Zage score – refuse the sweet.#Chronospace
(Jaga,help to lose weight)

— Kotova_Tanya (@Kotova_Tanyaa) February 13, 2018


Long attack of CSKA goalkeeper even entered the game


For vitinho, received a pass from Golovin and shot from the penalty area semi-circle in the corner – were not included


And then for vitinho replaced (unlikely due to penalties), instead, he went Fedor.


Well, surely the match will end 0:0???


CSKA in a positional attack, without accelerations


Two minutes decided to add the Polish referee stoppage time second half


In attack “Crvena Zvezda”. However, while I wrote the word “attack”, one of the players of the Serbian club moved the ball with half of the army at the half. He trolls me or something…


Final whistle. He sounded casually, as casually finished the game both teams, almost without emotion.

Well, 0:0 0:0. The return game should be more interesting and especially more effective: to score it!

We have thus concluded our stream! Thank you for your attention! Good bye!!!

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