Deadly snowflake: the MAC found the reason of wreck of An-148

Iced sensors and, as a consequence, incorrect data on flight speed. Such conclusions about the reasons of wreck of An-148 made by experts of the POPPY after decoding the “black boxes” crashed aircraft “Saratov airlines”. In fact, experts the POPPY have confirmed the version made us immediately after the tragedy. It is for this reason, the An-148 has already broken seven years ago. The expert explained us that the output from the sensor system could snowflake…

The scene of the crash. Photo: Vladislav Bashkirov

Experts MAK said that the picture of the disaster was as follows. After 2 and a half minutes after takeoff, the An-148, when the actual speed of the bead was 465-470 kilometers per hour, the speed information coming to the commander of the An-148 Valeriya Gubanova and the second pilot Sergey Gambarian, began to vary. This difference was exacerbated.

The pilots disconnected the autopilot and tried to cope with the emergency situation, when one sensor showed no speed at all, the second — to 560 kilometers per hour, dumping its then up to 200 kilometers. The an-148 began a sharp decline — most likely by following the commands of the pilots, they tried to understand what was going on with the Board.

An-148 crashed at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour…

In this connection it should be recalled that the airspeed indicator of the aircraft had already figured in the investigation, and An-148. It happened on March 5, 2011 near Belgorod during a training flight, when the car was driven pilots from Myanmar – the country is a potential buyer of the An-148. Then 6 people were killed – the pilots along with instructors. And the Commission of inquiry came to the conclusion that along with the inexperience of the pilots and poor coordination of the crew, the indirect cause of the tragedy could be the pointer speed.

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The plane extra decreased, the speed of 100 kilometers per hour were higher than estimated. Board warped and began to collapse in the air.

The investigation is done then the conclusion that the speed indicator An-148 broke and his testimony was understated — they focused pilot.

Much of the disaster of 2011 and current is similar. For example, then the distance from the crash site of the aircraft to the airport of departure was about 138 km. as a result of falling the plane has completely collapsed and burned. Of the fragments of the plane was found 1.5 km from the crash site[. Here, however, should take into account the fact that in 2011 such a scatter of small fragments and fragments of the bodies of the crew and passengers all the same was not.

The current findings of the Commission the POPPY, we commented on a pilot with 45 years of experience Vladimir Salnikov:

– The problem of testimony to the difference of velocities at sensors have always existed, including in the old aircraft – An-24, Tu-134, Yak-40…

We had a requirement: when you go precipitation, especially in the area of temperatures from +5 to -10 – they were considered especially dangerous, before the start of the technicians removed the covers from the receiver air pressure (LDPE) is the name of this device, and we had to carry out heating of this LDPE. But until they rule the strip, there’s snow, rain, wind… And yet somewhere got there droplets, which could then turn into ice.

On modern aircraft there is no requirement, but once started the engines on some aircraft it is necessary to manually enable Parking of these LDPE, which just show the speed in the air, and on the other, as soon as you start, service is automatically activated, then working in a certain mode.

I think maybe if there was heavy precipitation, where a snowflake hit the device. There is a tube, at least a little, but it still precipitation can get. Then formed a piece of ice that could clog this LDPE and he became a “lie”.

However, if a skew has occurred, that is, flight requirements, which tell the pilots to fly the aircraft angle of attack. If the aircraft is not equipped with a device, showing the angle of attack, the pilot only on the pitch angle. All these situations should work out in the gym. In this precarious situation, of course, the sensor has influenced the development of catastrophic situation. However, if the crew was not able to cope with it, it can be considered a mistake of the crew.

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