Don’t like the song: investigators beat a visitor of the club

A resident of the city of Volsk of the Saratov region has accused the chief of the regional investigative Denis Vlasov and his friends in beating. The man claims that he got bad taste in music.


The fight took place in a karaoke club, where they went to relax Deputy head of Volsky of the investigative Department of the SU TFR Denis Vlasov, along with his wife and colleagues, writes the telegram channel Mash.

All was well until one of the visitors asked to deliver their song. The melody to such an extent did not like Vlasov, he called the young man in conversation, “to explain the track”.

Since a common language men could not be found, in the course went fists. The investigator-lover started beating the opponent in front of other visitors, then the fight was joined by friends of Dennis.

It is noteworthy that the victim went to the police, but after a couple of days took a statement. Police, maybe, could ignore the incident if mass slaughter was not recorded by surveillance cameras (later the record hit the net). At the moment in the UK there is a service check on the fact of fighting.

Be the first to know about incidents: this was “breaking news” in the Telegram.

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