“Dry” has denied a problem with the speed sensors of the SSJ-100: “structurally Impossible”

“Sukhoi civil aircraft” (SCAC) has denied the information of the newspaper “Kommersant” about the existence of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 issues with the speed sensors found in the wreck of An-148.

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“Problems are like the problems with the sensors of the An-148 that crashed on February 11, the plane SSJ-100 was detected, reads the statement of the GSS.

The company was advised to avoid amateurish evaluations of the technical details before the announcement of the conclusions of the Commission on investigation of accident of plane An-148.

Yesterday the interstate aviation Committee (MAK) said was the most likely cause of the crash of An-148 in the suburbs, triggered by the icing problem in the display of speed pilots, which led to a rapid decline in the aircraft.

Meanwhile, according to “Kommersant”, on Monday the Federal air transport Agency distributed to airlines and airports in the telegram, according to which similar faults have been identified in aircraft SSJ-100. In the text of the document says that on February 4 and 5, when the operation of flights in the Moscow hub was complicated by heavy snow, the airport “Sheremetyevo” recorded seven identical cases with this aircraft type. In particular, the Board noted a discrepancy of data the speed of the aircraft commander and copilot. The incident occurred in the run-up for takeoff or in the first stage of the climb. In all situations the crew stopped the takeoff or returned to the departure airport.

In the GSS, said that thanks to the reliable work of all systems of aircraft SSJ-100, in cases of suspected partial probability of icing of speed sensors at an early stage of taxiing and start of roll, include the desired indicator.

“The system did not allow the plane to rise into the air, providing the main priority is the safety of passengers,” the company said, stressing that the warning system of the aircraft SSJ-100 work normally.

“Sukhoi civil aircraft” assured that the situation with complete loss of display speed for a long time on the SSJ-100 “structurally impossible”. In the process of certification tests of aircraft speed indicators were tested, including situations with exposure to the volcanic ash cloud.

“The plane passed these tests, which was confirmed by the experts of AR IAC and EASA,” – summed up in the GSS.

The plane “Saratov airlines” An-148, flying from Domodedovo to Orsk, crashed in the Ramenskiy district of the Moscow region in a few minutes after takeoff. Onboard the liner there were 71 people — 65 passengers and six crew members. None of them survived.

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