Events of the week in the NHL: 13 goals in the brightest game of the championship

The most interesting – in our review last week, the National hockey League. We will not let you get bored.


Marc-Andre Fleury – honoring a hero

Last Tuesday Marc-Andre Fleury came to Pittsburgh, where for the first time in 15 year career in the NHL appeared on the ice in the form of another club. Eks-the goalkeeper “penguins” held in the current champion 13 seasons, won three Stanley cups, have set a club record for wins (375) and clean sheets (44).

Although in this case, even such impressive figures, rather an appendage to the incredible love of the fans, “pence” and former teammates. Fleury knew the club as a great professional and a witty Joker, which even in the most difficult situations remained positive and cheerful.

And now, 6 Feb… Our hero met, as befits meet a legend of the club. This morning was awarded a championship ring for the victory in 2017. And in the evening at the game in the first ad unit on the video cube brought the cutting the best moments with the participation of the goalkeeper. People gave a standing ovation. “I was glad for my mask…This evening I will never forget. Although it was very, very strange.”- admitted after the game, our hero.

And despite the fact that “the Golden knights” lost, somehow Fleury had a wonderful evening. And now, looking back, our hero will always know: where to go in case of mental troubles, where it always will.

And so will every – disqualification of Alexander burrows

Of the unpleasant: last week an incident occurred, which fans briefly return to the past.

On Tuesday, 6 February, in Ottawa was the match between local “senators” and “new Jersey Devilz”. And all anything, here only on 11-Oh to minute of a meeting the forward of owners Alexander burrows is hit and hit the knee of the forward front of Taylor Hall. And if during the game the referees punished only two small fines for a push stick and rude, then the next day the Department of the NHL said the suspension will be 10 games against withholding of wages.

The episode was preceded by the collision of the Hall and burrows, which was the first to use clean force method. This situation greatly annoyed striker “Ottawa” and he decided to otomstit. Provoking the entire match “offender”, burrows attacked Hall after the whistle, threw him on the ice and began to kick the opponent. In addition, when the referees tried to stop the mess, rowdy struck two blows with a knee to the head.

This is not the first such outburst burrows, so the additional sanctions have become more stringent. The player will lose about $134 408,60, which will be transferred to the emergency Fund for NHL players.

The most productive meeting of the week – “NY islanders” – “Detroit red wings”

The most spectacular match of the week, and maybe even the whole championship, was the battle of “islanders” and “red wings” (7:6). On Friday, “Barclays center” saw 13 goals.

And most importantly, it seemed, everything goes to a confident away victory of “Detroit” that would somehow come close to the zone playoffs. But there it was: with the score 5:2 in advantage “red wings” at the 14th minute of the third period the forward “wings” Tyler Bartoli receives a match penalty for slashing at Cal Clutterbuck. And away we go! Five minutes spent in the most the islanders scored four goals. Unfortunately for “the islanders”, before the siren guests still equalized. But in overtime, the forward the islanders Brock Nelson scored a hat-trick and produced for the team final victory.

From the statistical moments it is necessary to highlight five assists Matthew Barzal, which for the third time this season, scored five points.

This victory allowed the islanders to get around the “Columbus” in the standings and get in the zone playoffs. “Detroit” is still satisfied with a modest 13th place in the Eastern Conference.

Sanctions. Chronicle of events

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