“Golodets urged to allocate money for foreign tours of Russian cultural figures

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that Russian culture need a special budget for foreign tours.

“Let’s just order write: it should apply the animation movie, and I think that should apply to all theaters. Why culture suddenly ceased to be an export commodity? She has to be in first place, ahead of all of the programs,” said Golodets at the meeting in support of the Russian animation on Tuesday.

According to her, when it comes to foreign tours of Russian artists, “all stand with outstretched hand.” To remedy the situation, said Deputy Prime Minister must be a special program for her – “a separate budget, which is a specially protected”.

Earlier, the participants of the meeting, including the well-known musician Denis Matsuev, stated the need for support for foreign touring artists. It was noted that the domestic arts, particularly animation and film, have large prospects for promotion of the image of Russia and Russian cultural values abroad, however, as a rule, tours are not supported by the state.

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