Healing bath in a bucket: sick Saker treated in an unusual way

A bucket with a mixture of sand and salt to heal the sick paws is this unusual therapy ornithologists have offered Falcon the Saker Falcon with injured lower extremities. The predator voluntarily spends a lot of time soaking in the healing paws “bath”.

photo: Elena April

As told “MK” Director of the hospital birds “Green parrot” Vladimir Romanov, rare patient experiencing discomfort in the feet, delivered in a Moscow medical institution under Nizhny Novgorod. After inspection of the Saker Falcon was raised a serious diagnosis – the strongest in the foot to me. This is one of the diseases of birds of prey that can be be caused by parasites or infections and affects the state of the paws. As the Saker is listed in the Red Book of Russia, to withdraw it from nature is prohibited. But in this case it was a matter of life and death. Therefore, the service approved the intervention of the watchers in health and the fate of the winged predator.

Falcon has allocated a spacious aviary in hospital of hospital of birds and prescribed treatment regimen. In particular, a major role in the restoration must play a special therapy. The specialists have prepared for the patient’s medicinal “bath”. In a conventional bucket poured a mixture of sand, salt and antibiotics and put him into a dwelling birds. Saker Falcon obediently sits astride and lowers the limbs in a useful cocktail. On a wonderful bucket of birds spends a lot of time, sometimes leaving it to stretch your wings. And while his legs are in contact with the mixture, the process of healing. During his stay in the hospital Sokol managed to get used to the watchers and became quite tame. However, strangers still call it hostility and distrust. Now the condition of his legs has improved, but to speak about full recovery yet. In the first warm days, the doctors in the hospital, I hope to translate a rare patient in the outdoor aviary outside the city.

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