Hit the egg, then in the closet: terrifying poltergeist in Tomsk village

Wonderful lead coming from the village Maruxa that in the Tomsk region. Here, if you believe the locals, in one of the houses for two days rowdy poltergeist – it flips the cabinets, throws Cutlery and books.

One could write off the news on the wild imagination of the inhabitants of the house or their love is to strong, if witnessing the paranormal were not the police. In fact from their report and became aware of the “bad” house. And investigators claim that almost became victims of the raging otherworldly forces — someone knocked on their closet and almost gets crushed with a stick.

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Report to the chief of UMVD of Russia across the Tomsk region has made major police Department in the district Kolpashevskogo Artamonov. The document says that on February 12 on phone duty was called by the inhabitant of the village Marksa and complained that in her house strange things are happening: “the room flying foreign objects, including knives.”

Message even though the staff was surprised, but decided to check. When they arrived on the scene “accident” in the house was a mess: the floor was scattered with books, the furniture was toppled, and the kitchen wall was stuck a knife. The tenants explained that all this was done by a poltergeist.

Then the fun began. Quoted in the report:

“While police officers on the specified address in the immediate vicinity of a police officer in the bedroom fell wardrobe, mounted shelves after they fell out of the book, and out of the room, which was empty, took off the stick. A rational explanation for these events was not…”.

To help the police invited the priests. As follows from the Memorandum, “the Ministers of the Church in the house held a consecration ceremony and remained for the night”. Date, signature…

Although the report seems absurd, villagers Marksa assure that everything is true. But the Ghost in several years, survived from the “bad” houses three tenants.

– Earlier in this house lived a woman with her husband. Like they were getting along, not fighting, but after the man died, the house started to happen strange things — flying things, suddenly the lights dimmed, – told “MK” a resident of the village of Anton Sinenko — the woman that was considered late husband did not give her to live on the old place. In the end, she sold the building for peanuts and moved out.

The house has settled a new family – deceived good price tenants came all the way from Kemerovo. But their poltergeist fast enough survived.

Now the building is home to a family who is raising a foster child. To the police they were forced to go due to the fact that the poltergeist struck teenager injuries.

– First he flew to his forehead with an egg, then hit the closet door. And since the teenager is under guardianship, the parents decided to notify the police about things happening in their house — that they can then be accused of beating the child. In the first place came the usual Ppsniki. And was very surprised when in one of the rooms fell wardrobe. Moreover, all family members were in another room, talked with the police.

Came to a strange house and electricians.

– They were called because the lights in the house suddenly began to flicker. The experts examined all the wiring, all the plugs, but violations never found.

– Do you go into this house?

– No, but I sent my wife to photograph or to capture on camera what is happening. And believe me, it did not work: the phone has suddenly switched off though the battery was charged at 12 percent.

– That in this house now lives, no mental disorders?

– No, otherwise they would of a child not given.

– Don’t they drink?

– No, it’s an ordinary family. I understand what you are trying to think rationally. But what we have is something mysterious about the truth.

Rational thought and the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Tomsk region. Here the correspondent “MK” was assured that this fact “is checked in accordance with the current legislation”.

– What the legislation says on poltergeist, as it will be checked? Psychics to call?

– About the methods I can not say, – the duty officer of the press service of barely suppressed laughter. But the test will be conducted in a timely UPK time.

Is the leaked report really was a police officer? This may not be a fake?

– This point will be clarified in the framework of the audit.

But the Russian Orthodox Church confirmed that a “bad” home is not a figment of the imagination of Internet pranksters. How explained to portal tomsk.ru Secretary Kolpashevskoe diocese Hieromonk Simeon all coin, in the village of Maruxa really left the priest, who, like the police, has witnessed paranormal phenomena. Moreover, after the arrival of the priest poltergeist “died down a bit, but then these phenomena continued again”.

In fact, law enforcement officers previously had to deal with the investigation of paranormal cases. On one of these back in 2010-m to year the correspondent “MK” was told by the incumbent at the time the Prosecutor of Moscow Yuri Semin.

Yuri Yurievich remembered that in 1987 he had to prolong the investigation in the case of “poltergeist”. Then the tenants hruschovki said that the wound up by someone who at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place “produces fire, water leakage and damage objects.”

– Reading the case, I realized that not everything is so obvious, – told in interview “MK” Prosecutor. – In case there were records of inspection of the apartment with photographs, was questioned about 10-15 people, and most importantly, there was evidence: coat, linen, pieces of Wallpaper, skirting boards showing signs of damage. From the materials was clearly seen that during the year in the apartment of spontaneous combustion items from the walls, water leaks, burst light bulbs, torn lampshade. The hosts were desperate, began to complain everywhere: from the police and the housing Department to the district Committee and Executive Committee. Apparently, after one of the many complaints, my predecessor on the post of district attorney broke down and opened a criminal case in order, as they write, “a more full and comprehensive investigation of the incident”.

Then the investigation were attracted by ufologists, who confirmed that the apartment is really paranormal phenomena. In the end, the story ended banal — naughty poltergeist stopped, and the case was closed for lack of evidence.

Tomsk police whether to prosecute, is not clear. But I want to believe that this whole situation will turn into a joke. So calmly.

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